Nine Lives

December 17, 2016

I just finished reading a good book which opened my mind to a lot of things. I say a lot of things but in truth it’s one key thing – the power of faith. It used a great number of real life examples to relay it’s message and soon enough I was able to recall instances where my faith alone was what got me through. I would come out victorious standing on both feet knowing I had what it takes to get through even bigger hurdles. 

Knowing what you want is the first step as the thought of it is incipient action. Asking in faith and believing it will happen against all odds will see it come to light. I’ve devised certain prayers and reminders to keep me on the faith track. It’s no wonder the Nine Lives brand reminds me of my dreams.    See Nine Lives in motion by clicking the video below “It shall be done to you according to your faith.”

Just like the cat is thought to have multiple lives, my faith leads me to believe I’ll succeed countless times over and over again as that is my heart’s desire.

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Nine Lives with unshakeable faith

music by BKAYE

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  • Hi Sky,

    Thanks for reading as always. Yes, you’re right. Faith is key to succeeding in whatever it is you set your mind to. It never seems to fail me. Hope your Christmas holiday prep is going well x

  • Sky

    Truth is, for people like us who is deep thinkers/feelers and introspective, faith in the real totality of the concept might be hard sometimes, but it is something that can be learned and developed with intentional practice and in my personal experience, reading of the word.
    Like, you’ll read or hear a verse or chapter and it’ll just hit you.
    I had this experience reading the story of Esther (again) recently. I laughed a lot through the story and my faith in how God and life works got a little stronger.

    Love all the photos but the third and fourth photos (white Tee) are THE ONES. x.

    Sky Not Fancy