Rock on Ruby

It’s my birthday month and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m going to turn 31 on the 16th. I’ve read somewhere that 30s and 40s are some of the best years of a woman’s life. She’s a lot more certain of who she is as a person and what she wants out of life which often translates into confidence. There’s nothing as attractive as a confident woman. What makes this birthday so special is that it’ll be the first of many where I happen to be my own boss. Which means I can either take the day off and relax or celebrate it in anyway of my choosing. Either way, the choice is mine. I must say that I feel like I’m heading down the right path. This past year has been one full of tremendous growth. I spent time honing my photography skills, not knowing where it’ll take me. I made new friends who continue to support my journey. Speaking of new friends, one of mine hooked me up with this cool personalised sweater from Rock on Ruby where she works and has been generous enough to give out another sweater to one of you lovely folks.

Rock on Ruby is an ethical clothing store specialising in personalised tees, sweaters and other accessories/items. What makes them even more awesome is that they ship worldwide at no extra cost. The print on my sweater says 1986 which is the year of my birth. I’ve heard the 80s was a cool era, although I don’t remember much of it as I would have been a toddler at the time. I’m pretty sure some things from the 80s carried over into the early 90s like tin lunch boxes, wacky hairstyles, great music and let’s not forget the shoulder pads which happens to be my favourite 80s look together with the classic 80s jeans which continues to make a comeback over and over again.

To take part in the giveaway, follow @rockonrubyxx  and @mossonyi on Instagram. Comment on my Instagram giveaway post and mention a friend you think would love it to win it too. Entry closes on the 6th of August. Good luck!

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August 3, 2017
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