Levis Jeans

It feels like it’s been a while since I did a style post. I can definitely say spring has come around judging by the weather this past week. With much sunshine coupled with wind (as to be expected when living in Manchester) and parks  covered in petals of blossoms, I thought I’d share an outfit that will always be in season when it comes to spring. Pink is definitely the colour of spring as it elegantly matches the trees in bloom. Made with ruffles, the outfit tells a different story. Perhaps one that reminds me of my trip to Mexico where I saw beautiful ladies adorned in ruffles dancing with so much passion. It’s hard not to see life the same way – a dance of passion. I try to remind myself everyday that life is what I make of it. And so I ask myself ever so often, will my dance be remembered just as I recalled the dance from seven years ago or like smoke in the air will it be forgotten once the fire is out? I never hope for the latter. I try my best to keep the flame burning within where it is hard to quench. In my quest to stay alight, here I am adorned in pink ruffles and denim to match. A statement made to show spring just the stuff I’m made of. A great man once said “live your life with passion”. That, I intend to do.

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May 6, 2017
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