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Accessorising has become a part of my lifestyle. You’ll know this if you follow me on Instagram as I tend to pretty much wear the same pieces over and over again. In the past year, after much experimenting, I’ve found my sense of style and feel very much comfortable with it. Something I want reflected in the pieces of jewellery I also wear. It’s not so much so keeping up with the trend, but more about discovering pieces that speak to me. This is were Glitzbox comes in. A brand I discovered last year and talked about in a previous blog post. Glitzbox is a monthly jewellery subscription box delivered to your doorstep with pieces chosen especially for you. When signing up, you’re asked a series of questions relating to your taste in jewellery which is then used to customise your monthly subscription. The convenience of the service is the pause system which allows you to put your subscription on hold if you so choose to.

What I love most about Glitzbox is that it takes away the hassle of searching for something new and allows you to be surprised. This month, I was in receipt of pieces from three different jewellers and I couldn’t be more impressed. My absolute favourite was the Tilly Sveaas duo compass and lucky number 7 necklace. With earrings by Monarc Jewellery and a ring by Sharon Mills London to match, it was very hard to path ways with any of them. The saying that kept coming to mind was “good things never finish”. Meaning, I’ll always be surprised with wonderful pieces and can always take time to try it out and then decide what remains. With that in mind, I held on to the necklaces as they currently hold meaning to some wonderful things that have been happening in my life very recently. The £39 credit I received from my subscription box allowed me to get them for two thirds of the price. Whoohoo!

Seeing as Christmas is right around the corner, this would make the perfect gift especially for someone who leads a hassle free life and loves surprises. You can get 50% off your subscription using code OnyiM. Also, Glitzbox have some discounted subscriptions which work very well for gifting this season. To find out more about the subscription and  gifting, please visit Glitzbox.ACCESSORISING MADE VERY EASY WITH GLITZBOXACCESSORISING MADE VERY EASY WITH GLITZBOX

December 2, 2017
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On Wednesday I headed down to London to attend a couple of blogger events and to run some errands as well. I find London to be very fast paced which always makes me feel like I need to be alert at all times. Bearing this in mind, an easy going outfit was the way to go. Something that made me fit in with the crowd while still being a blogger babe. It wasn’t entirely deliberate but I ended up wearing black and white. The all time classic look. Dressed in skinny jeans and a white top, the blazer was the perfect shield from the cool breeze thanks to the English rain. My flat PINKO SS17 shoes gave it the finishing look coupled with the black tassel hand bag.  This London chic look was a hit as I got a few compliments about my outfit. It made for an easy running around in the tubes and city.

The first event I attended was a ring making session thanks to the lovely folks at The Workbench and GLITZBOX. I got to carve a ring for myself on a moulding wax. The event was packed with other bloggers alike. It was a really fun experience. I look forward to seeing the final results and sharing my masterpiece on the blog. The second event I attended was hosted by Kate Spade New York to launch their monochrome service. This event blew my mind away. Everyone was looking extra lush. There was plenty to eat and drink. I ran into a couple of bloggers I follow on Instagram which was quite exciting. We had a chance to pick a leather good and have our initials engraved on it. I chose a small purse that I can move between handbags. The goody bag was a hit as it had a 2017/2018 planner with my initials engraved on it. It was the perfect practical gift as I’ve been looking for a way to stay organised amidst my crazy schedules. We also got 30% off and I managed to score a good deal on some glitter shoes. Can’t wait to rock it!***If you want to edit like me, you can! Grab a copy of my eBook here.***

August 12, 2017
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I got the chance to try out the Glitzbox jewellery subscription service which is due to launch in May. This is in essence a jewellery loan service with an option to buy if you like it enough to keep it. As a jewellery lover myself, I  found it all very exciting. The best part of this service is that it is tailor made to meet your needs. How is this done? Upon subscription, you’re asked a series of questions which include imagery to help determine your taste in jewellery. Based on your responses, a jewellery box will put together for you by the Glitzbox team which adds an element of surprise. When I received my jewellery, I was quite pleased to see how well the pieces selected matched my taste. The box came with relevant information such as the details of the jewellery designers and timescales for returns and purchases. The beauty of it all is that you’re not tied to a contract and you can pause your subscriptions whenever you feel the need to which gives you a lot of flexibility. There are currently four subscription packages available, offering a variety of jewellery and benefits. To see the packages on offer, please visit the Glitzbox website.

In my box came some badass rock star earrings by Ros Millar Londona very leafy ring by Ivy + Mango, a bracelet by Mei-li Rose and one of my absolute favourites, an initial engraved ring and necklace by Crux London. Also included in the box was £30 worth of credit to purchase any piece if I so choose to. Depending on the subscription package you opt for, this can go up to £60, allowing you to invest in unique pieces. I am currently enjoying a very sunny break in Nigeria and these pieces have blended in very nicely with the aesthetics. I am very much looking forward to receiving my next GlitzboxAs you folks are always so lovely, Glitzbox are offering three of you £5 off your first subscription package when you use discount codes Mossonyi1, Mossonyi2 and Mossonyi3. Don’t forget to tag the Glitzbox team on social media when you receive your pieces.GLITZBOX JEWELLERY SUBSCRIPTION

April 21, 2017
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