“Brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favourite things.” How I love that movie. In case you were wondering, it’s “The Sound of Music”. Today on the blog, in nothing short of a very true Christmas spirit, I’m sharing what I love about the Christmas season. Giving and receiving is one of my favourite things of the season. You get to say thank you to your loved ones with a little something. An expression of gratitude is always a good way to show appreciation and it always tend to lift the spirits of everyone around.

As we experience shorter days and longer nights, its easy to fall into a habit of cosying up indoors. It gets really exciting for us as all we want  to do is create some magic with the lights. Finding ways to not get bored by playing games and discovering new shows on Netflix. On days when we get too carried away, we find ourselves doing absolutely nothing which can sometimes be good as it allows us to break from work. One thing I look forward to is the snow. Sadly for us it never seems to stick in the city on the occasions when it does snow. We did get the chance to watch it snow one morning and even managed to get snowed out on another occasion. My niece is obsessed with snow but has never experienced it. It’ll be nice one day to catch plenty of it in a shoot and share with her, or perhaps take her on a very wintery vacation somewhere nice.This is one time where getting dressed and dining out is nice. We’re all cosied up and warm in a restaurant away from the cold outside. We get to reflect on the year and learn from our experiences. Future plans are hatched and we’re excited to see where it all leads. Seeing Christmas decorations makes me very happy. We didn’t have a tree this year as I threw away our artificial tree during the year in order to make room for a real one come Christmas. After seeing how huge the trees are and wondering how in the world we’ll be able to bring one back home with us, I accepted that we weren’t going to have a tree this year. However, we were gifted the most beautiful wreath made out of dried plants and flowers which will last us a lifetime. With the weather mostly cold, keeping warm is a must for me. That’s how I’ve managed to avoid the cold. Whether it be having warm showers or a steaming hot milk bath, I always enjoy my time in the bathroom. Craig thinks I’m not human because if how high I have the water temperature, lol. WHAT I LOVE ABOUT CHRISTMASGetting all layered up is my all time favourite. I try my best to make sure I look as cuddly as possible with my layers and it feels pretty darn good cause nothing beats the feeling of being cosy this season.

Let me know what you love about the Christmas season.


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December 22, 2017
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