In collaboration with Glitzbox.

Accessorising has become a part of my lifestyle. You’ll know this if you follow me on Instagram as I tend to pretty much wear the same pieces over and over again. In the past year, after much experimenting, I’ve found my sense of style and feel very much comfortable with it. Something I want reflected in the pieces of jewellery I also wear. It’s not so much so keeping up with the trend, but more about discovering pieces that speak to me. This is were Glitzbox comes in. A brand I discovered last year and talked about in a previous blog post. Glitzbox is a monthly jewellery subscription box delivered to your doorstep with pieces chosen especially for you. When signing up, you’re asked a series of questions relating to your taste in jewellery which is then used to customise your monthly subscription. The convenience of the service is the pause system which allows you to put your subscription on hold if you so choose to.

What I love most about Glitzbox is that it takes away the hassle of searching for something new and allows you to be surprised. This month, I was in receipt of pieces from three different jewellers and I couldn’t be more impressed. My absolute favourite was the Tilly Sveaas duo compass and lucky number 7 necklace. With earrings by Monarc Jewellery and a ring by Sharon Mills London to match, it was very hard to path ways with any of them. The saying that kept coming to mind was “good things never finish”. Meaning, I’ll always be surprised with wonderful pieces and can always take time to try it out and then decide what remains. With that in mind, I held on to the necklaces as they currently hold meaning to some wonderful things that have been happening in my life very recently. The £39 credit I received from my subscription box allowed me to get them for two thirds of the price. Whoohoo!

Seeing as Christmas is right around the corner, this would make the perfect gift especially for someone who leads a hassle free life and loves surprises. You can get 50% off your subscription using code OnyiM. Also, Glitzbox have some discounted subscriptions which work very well for gifting this season. To find out more about the subscription and  gifting, please visit Glitzbox.ACCESSORISING MADE VERY EASY WITH GLITZBOXACCESSORISING MADE VERY EASY WITH GLITZBOX

December 2, 2017
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The most beautiful girl in the world; she wore her dreams on her wrist and like a charm she made them come true. She paid no mind to the naysayers. If she could see it, she could reach for it. She packed an almost empty suitcase not forgetting the two things she needed to store her memories – a journal and a really old camera. She sent postcards home and stamped it with kisses so that everyone would know she was fine even in the most trying of times. Seeing more of the world has opened her eyes to so many possibilities that made her dream even more.

Somehow she found herself in Manchester. A city whose symbol is the worker bee. It didn’t take long for her to become one. Off to the  nine to five she goes every weekday. But she must remember to live her passion afterwards. The night is full of work and she buzzes with excitement at the hopes of doing only the things she loves, until morning comes and she must work again. Not for long she says, as she dreams of the white house she’s always wanted by the beach with a boat to match. Something about sand in her shoes makes her feel grounded. And the wave of the ocean is like music to her soul. She rides the tides just as she knows how – dreaming that everything will be okay. After all, in this journey she found out more about herself, discovered her passion and fell in love all over again. Giving up is not an option. How else can she help the other girl who doesn’t know the strength she possesses within? The most beautiful girl in the world; she lives so that others can live, she loves so that others can love, and she dreams so that others can dream.

This blog post has been sponsored by Links of London, a luxury jewellery brand that allows you to create pieces that are personal to you. In this post I am wearing the Sweetie Sterling Silver & Diamond Pave Bead Bracelet personalised with the addition of three charms that hold meaning to me. The first being the Sterling Silver Postcard Charm, the second the Sterling Silver Bee Charm and the third the 18kt White Gold & Diamond Anchor of Hope Charm. I find that it helps to always have something that reminds you of the things that make you happy. That way it’s easy not to lose sight of it. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post. Let me know what charms you would go for and why if you were to personalise a bracelet.

May 8, 2017
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