I am pleased to say you can now purchase my eBook “The Blogger Photographer” here.

I have been teaching myself photography for over 2 years now through a lot of trial and error and have put together this eBook to help save you some time if you’re just starting out in photography or are looking to improve your photography skills. I strongly believe that if I can achieve the level of progress I’ve made in 2 years, then you too, can do it.Although this eBook is titled The “Blogger” Photographer, you’ll find that the ideas shared are not limited to bloggers alone but will be applicable to photography in general.

Using images and real life examples; I will be sharing details of my photography kit, camera settings, editing software used and quick cheats to achieve certain moods as well as a bonus chapter which covers branding, social media and where and how to contact the brands you love for collaborations and sponsorships.

Click on this link to purchase my eBook.

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