This blog post is coming to you from 30 year old Onyi who’s now somewhat wiser than she was a couple of blog posts ago. So, what has wiser Onyi been up to? That’s what I’m here to talk to you about.2n4a7202First off, I’m still doing indoor shoots and I love it. I get to experiment with light and angles as I’m restricted when it comes to space. Nonetheless, it means I get to share my world from my perspective behind closed doors. My bed has always been my most productive space. There I’ve traveled the world, started businesses, met beautiful people and even had Sunday roasts with my grand kids on multiple occasions. And for that, I am ”grape full”.2n4a65932n4a6565After doing some social media research (which mostly involved looking at profiles of successful photographers/bloggers), I quickly picked up they all seem to have some kind of theme going on and were consistent with it. So I’ve been spending time defining my photo edits so I can also exhibit the same level of consistency.2n4a6514I started drinking decaffeinated tea. Apparently too much caffeine isn’t good for you, lol.2n4a71622n4a6582I’ve been dreaming of a hammock. In other words, going on holiday. I have a couple of holidays lined up for the later part of the year so maybe not too long from now.2n4a72362n4a6858I started exploring more of Manchester and I’m enjoying it. It’s amazing how beautiful this city is. I’m making it my mission to find all the wonderful spots in Manchester and share it with you lot. Who knows, it might lead to Manchester being seen as more of a tourist location.2n4a68142n4a6974To make our apartment more homely, I started project “indoor couple shoots”(I know it sounds cheesy, lol) so we can have pictures of us in our space hung up on our walls. I’d say we’re slowly building up a collection.2n4a73212n4a5186Autumn is coming and I’m just about ready for it. But until then, it’s back to work with me so expect some weekly updates on the blog. 2n4a70392n4a7122I want to say a special thank you to Christella Bijou for making a portrait of me which I used as the thumbnail of this post.2n4a2779 Hope you all have a great week!!!

September 10, 2016
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