I must say, I’ve really missed coming on here to share bits of my life, thoughts,  outfits and sometimes random life ramblings. I remember just before making the switch to full time blogging, I actually managed to keep up a schedule of blogging three times a week amidst my busy work life. And I was very certain that the additional time I’d gain doing the things I love would see me here even more often. This hasn’t been the case. But I’d very much like it to be. Because of the nature of our work (photography), we spend a lot of time creating and shooting content for clients. As this is mostly how we earn a living, it does tend to take priority in the way we focus on work.

But every now and again, I think of the blog, my blog, my baby, and all I want to do is write and share with you lovely folks who keep coming back time and time again to show your support. But not only that, but because this space serves as a wonderful source of reminder of some beautiful moments in my life that I can look back on. Like a journal, the images take me back, and I can almost certainly remember what transpired before I heard the camera click. It’s very easy as a creative to get lost in work and sometimes neglect the things that truly bring us joy. Being very conscious and deliberate in seeking a happy lifestyle is the way I remind myself of these little things. And so, as I go about my day and life happens, I recognise myself or at the very least the person I aspire to be, in others, places and sometimes things. A gentle reminder if you will, of who I am and why it is I do the things that I do. Last night was one of those days. Don’t ask me why but for some reason western shows/movies tend to spark something in me that makes me want to go out and do something, anything, as long as I’m dressed in rancher hat of some sort, lol. I believe inspired is the word I’m after. My most recent watch, Damnation (thanks to Netflix), did it again. I can’t sometimes shake the feeling that maybe in my past life I lived in the wild west, where I wore cool cowboy boots, tight jeans and a hat, if you believe in that sort of thing. Whatever the case maybe, it always leaves me full of energy to create. Hence why I’m here today. And the honest truth is it didn’t take me long to put this post together. Which goes to show how much one can accomplish when they find the part of them that sets things in motion. Today, I found her in the lady with a dream of taking control of her life in Damnation, tomorrow it could be something else. And one thing I’m sure of is I’ll recognise her. The thought will cross my mind. There she is, I found her again. Because I set out to look for her. In my most recent podcast from the Coffee Diaries series, I actually talk about being deliberate in seeking inspiration as a blogger. An approach I’d recommend anyone looking to achieve something specific should adapt. With deliberate being the operative word, because you can’t find what you’re not looking for. THERE SHE IS, I FOUND HER AGAIN

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February 21, 2018
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Welcome back to another one of these. Weekly Instagram roundup has become one of my favourite posts to put together. Not only because it’s easy to collate the images, but because it makes me recall memories from the moments of our shoots which I thoroughly enjoy. Right! Let’s get into it.This shot was taken just before I went about shooting a product shot for a client. This particular project pushed me to think outside the box. It wasn’t easy but I was determined to deliver to the client. The flowers were props which I had purchased earlier on for the shoot.Anyone who knows me knows that I love my pastries. And croissant is one of my favourite. I was stuffing my face with this one cause I was hungry and we had a long day ahead of us.I recently became a partner for & Other Stories. This shot was taken as part of the partnership. I’m really chuffed with the opportunity as I love their pieces and always find myself going into their store every now and again. It’s always lovely to work with brands that you genuinely love. The cami and denim are from & Other Stories.  The image on the left was taken as part of the #cluselovestories campaign. We had fun shooting it. We got to go back to an area where we used to live. Funny how we now see the beauty of it since we started shooting more. The image on the right was taken as part of the River Island campaign #labelsareforclothes. The campaign was done to support the charity Ditch the Label to allow labels to be reclaimed back in a positive way. The shirt I’m wearing was customisable as I got to write down something that resonates with my journey. My shirt reads 100% free spirit.This shot was taken going about our business in town on what I might add was a very cold day but I was keen to show off the beautiful sleeves of this top which I scored in the Kooples sale.Another shot taken on a cold day, only this time it was actually raining. We were twinning and it was hard to resist getting a shot. We ran in afterwards and enjoyed a pot of piping hot tea before heading home.More campaign shots. Yes, we’ve been busy. The shot on the left was taken for the launch of the new Nestle chocolate l’atelier. We shot it in the library which we had fun doing. The shot on the right was for the Teint Idole Untra Wear foundation and highlighter by Lancome.Now this shot is one that I absolutely love. It was take in a restaurant at Victoria station. This was for a collaboration with French Connection who happen to be back in Manchester with their flagship store. I’m dressed in their pieces from head to toe. How cool are these pants? I absolute love French Connection and I’m glad I get to work with them on an ongoing basis.We recently just got back from the Netherlands. While there we had a last minute campaign dropped on us that we couldn’t resist. It was to celebrate International Scotch Day. For some reason there seems to be a misconception that scotch can only be drank neat but there’s more that can be done with it. We’ve manage to explore scotch mixers and cocktails and what fo you know, they taste great. Salud!I love accessorising with jewellery and love taking flat lays even though I don’t do it as much. I took this shot after breakfast in our hotel room in Tilburg. Can’t wait to share our travel snaps.We saved the best for last. Saturday night was epic. We got backstage access to see the Man City match. We got to spend the night with the lovely @lauren___benson and @thisistimothy. We saw Sergio do his thing and couldn’t help but cheer on. We ate till our hearts content and drank lots of champagne to celebrate the victory. And we returned home with some goodies all thanks to the guys at Links of London and Flannels.

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February 12, 2018
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Kicking off the new year with a new series on the blog and YouTube. I tend to dread the latter. For some reason I feel a lot more safe on my blog than I do YouTube. Maybe it’s me not quite being used to talking to the camera yet. Either way, I’ve challenged myself to utilise my channel more and I plan to do so despite my fears. After all, that’s how we get through life.

If you’ve been a frequent visitor on the blog then you’ll know I tend to preach about getting the most out of pieces I own. If I love a piece of clothing, I’m not afraid to wear it all the time. The way I go about it is by trying to style it differently where possible. This means I don’t have to keep up with trends but find new ways to maximise my wardrobe. Hence why the series is titled more styles for less.

I’ve been loving a pop of red in my outfits every now and again, and this satin wrap top inspired me to create three different looks that can help me get the most out of it. I’m pretty sure I’ll come up with more ways to style it as time goes on, and I’ll definitely feature the looks on Instagram. In the meantime, take some time out to see how I’ve styled it in the video located at the bottom of this post. Be sure to let me know which look is your favourite.




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January 29, 2018
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I love getting most out of the pieces I own. It took me a while to figure out why I wore certain outfits more than others, and some never getting to see the light of day for years. The latter always leads me to  giveaway quite a fews pieces from my wardrobe which more often than not leaves me with the feeling of wanting to replace those items with something else. For the past couple of years, I’ve become quite conscious of my style and finding ways to recycle it. One thing I did notice with the pieces that tend to get more wear was the fact that they could be worn in different ways in different seasons. In other words, transitional pieces. When I realised this, it helped with my thought process when acquiring any new outfit. For example, items like denim, t-shirts, dresess etc can easily be classed as transitional pieces.

Following my recent collaboration with French Connection, I applied the same logic when opting to style this maxi dress. In autumn/winter, I can throw on an oversized jumper over it and snatch it with a waist belt before throwing on a coat. In spring, I can rock it with a cropped leather jacket. And in summer, it’s perfect to wear on it’s own. It’s really that simple. Think of how many ways you can style a piece all year long, and if you can come up with more ways than a couple, then it’s definitely a transitional piece to invest in.


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January 27, 2018
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Still keeping up with the team of sharing the stories behind our images, January has been packed with pretty exciting moments.The shot was taken in a gold room we discovered underneath a coffee shop. A spot that tends to be empty as we discovered. It looks like something out of a historic Cuban home. We love it and we’re definitely going back for more.Now this was a shot that I kept seeing in my mind for days. I couldn’t ignore it any longer and decided to create it. Floating (thanks to some Photoshop tricks) is a new pair of shoes I managed to score for a good deal on sales. Sitting pretty is the Nigerian broom I grew up with, and the only one I trust to get the job done. It’s no secret I’ve been going a little crazy for hats so wearing one for this shot was definitely a given.These were taken on two very cold separate days. The shot on the left was me trying to escape the grim weather by seeking warmth in a store town. It didn’t help that I was wearing cropped jeans though. The shot on the right was taken while taking a stroll to town. We didn’t quite make it as we realised the weather was too cold for what we had on so we stopped to do a self portrait then dashed back home.This one is a depiction of the classic lazy Sunday I had. All I did was eat and watch Netflix in bed.I started getting into books over a year ago and I’ve been loving it. Can’t believe I robbed myself of knowledge all these years. But you know what they say, better late than never. The picture on the left was take on an evening of chilled reading. On the right is a shot taken on an evening stroll in Manchester. I love flowers so its no surprise I had this postcard in my backpack with the words written “have a beautiful day”.A very chilly Sunday waiting for the rain to pass. It had actually snowed for half an hour earlier own and we were hoping to get a shot in the snow but we took too long getting ready and making breakfast. We missed the snow and were met with rain. Still we didn’t let it dampen our mood as we had a campaign shoot to do for the watch brand  that we’ve been working with for a while now.We had just finished shooting for a beverage company and was heading home when I discovered this beautiful barber’s shop and asked Craig to get a picture of my outfit as I particularly liked the way I styled it. This was actually the test shot. Proof that sometimes all it takes is one shot.The image on the left was taken in Didsbury which I love as it’s a beautiful place and different from the city centre. It was shot as part of a campaign for Visit Britain. The image on the right is me almost everyday when I crave my sugar rush lol.I’ve just been obsessed with Godless ever since I encountered it on Netflix. The day of this shoot I believe I listened to one of the soundtracks (single girl) over a hundred times. It inspired us to create a short film for Instagram. Be sure to check it out as it’s been saved as a highlight in our profile.We had just enjoyed a lovely three course meal in this quaint restaurant in town. I could barely move and all I wanted was my bed afterwards. I wasn’t alone though as Craig felt the exact same way.We discovered a cafe that sells all hot drinks for £1. The funny thing is that we go past it all the time but never thought to stop by. In fact we were going to go to another coffee shop right opposite it but it was packed so we decided to leave. It was on our way out that it became obvious for us to try it out. I enjoyed a pot of tea for £1 and Craig a latte for the same amount.A self portrait captured on a very chilled Saturday. We made a deliberate attempt to show another corner of our apartment as we seem to also use the same spot due to good lighting. It so happened there are more corners in our apartment with good lighting and all we had to do was experiment more.

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January 24, 2018
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Have you ever heard of crochet ice cream? Me neither. At least not until I came across this ice cream spot tucked away in Affleck Palace in Manchester city centre. Craig and I discovered it while trying to hide away from the frosty cold that has become January. You see, we both love ice cream. Even though my three scoops always consist of the same flavour. Vanilla, vanilla and vanilla. While Craig goes for anything that doesn’t contain nuts. Ginger’s it was called. The name of the ice cream spot. After spending a little while looking at the menu, we quickly realised it was the best ice cream spot in town. However, it was too cold to enjoy one of Ginger’s special. We opted for hot drinks instead which was very sensible given the weather we escaped from. I went for a nice cup of breakfast tea and Craig a delicious latte.

Sitting rather pretty on the ice cream stand was a well made crochet ice cream that seemed to match my outfit really well. I couldn’t resist shooting with it. It wasn’t quite my triple vanilla favoured goodness, but it was perfect for the shoot. It got me pondering on life in general. Many at times we don’t get the things we so desire, but sitting in front of us could lie many other treats that might be just as good and in some cases even better than what we asked for. But in order to see these things we always have to keep an open mind. That’s how I’ve learnt to find inspiration. Knowing that somehow life has got my back just like this crochet ice cream in winter.

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January 17, 2018
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When I first started blogging, I deliberately steered away from fashion blogging as I thought it quite dull to say the least. I would come across the same sort of fashion images which is basically a blogger standing on a street and doing everything they could to draw attention to their outfit. Don’t get me wrong, I too indulged in similar shoots like these but it lacked excitement. It wasn’t until I came across the show Fashion Bloggers, featuring a group of talented bloggers who were photographers, creative directors and writers in their own right that I was excited to explore more of fashion blogging. I wasted no time investing in a camera and lens and then tried to recreate some of the work I was inspired  by. Their content sparked something in me. It made me want to go out and push myself more. They were ladies just like me. If they could do it, I could definitely find a way to do it. And so I practiced when I got a chance. Soon I began to see things differently and sure enough understanding the need for creative direction  became a part of my process.

In a time where almost every profile you stumble across on Instagram is that of a blogger, you have to set yourself apart with your content. For me, that has been to consistently focus on delivering content backed with creativity. The key is to always seek inspiration, and push yourself to constantly think outside the box. The more you do this, the more it’ll come naturally. Take for example this shoot. It wasn’t pre planned but something that came to me while putting on my makeup in preparation for my usual daily shoot. I went through my outfit mentally and it gave a very French vibe. As soon as I was done with my makeup, I put on the outfit as I had imagined it and told Craig that we’ll be stopping to pick up a baguette for the shoot and we were going to do it in front of a newsstand in town. And we did. It took me less than two minutes to come up with the creative process but this is because I have made sure to do this every chance I get with my content. The good news is you too can do it. All it takes is practice, patience and perseverance.


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January 6, 2018
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