We’re back with another one of these. November was a very busy month for us hence not being able to share more of our images. Nonetheless, this week is packed with everything we’ve shared on Instagram in the first half of November that has yet to make it to the blog.This image was captured for the Pandora and Disney campaign. We took this shot while out shooting for a blog post featuring one of my dearest friends. Check out the blog post titled “There’s something about Mimi” to see more.A self portrait captured on a very chilly evening. We had left our place quite late to head to town. But we made sure to make use of the little daylight we had left to get the shot. Craig insisted that my sunglasses are now his and I couldn’t argue with him, lol.Shot on Halloween. We failed to do any proper Halloween shots this year. We found ourselves running errands on the day and stopped to capture this shot while at it. We definitely plan on taking part in Halloween next year.This shot was captured as part of a visual story campaign for Haig Club.This is me whispering sweet nothing to Craig while he remains very professional as folks stare at us from the restaurant.Out and about another cold day, we came by this beautiful set up that gave us all the Christmas feels and couldn’t resist a self portrait. We did have a security guard tell us that we needed a permit to shoot, lol. I mean, it’s a public space to Christ’s sake. Craig told him it wasn’t for a production and he said we were allowed 5 minutes. We managed to get the shot within that time.Stayed indoors for what would appear to be a very chilly day. This shot was captured during a coffee break at one of our favourite restaurants. It was for a campaign with CLUSE.Another very Christmas self portrait taken while enjoying some tea and treats in a newly discovered spot in town.This one is a shot of me sowing off some of the pieces from the French Connection AW collection as part of a campaign to announce their new flagship store in ManchesterCaptured on a Saturday full of Feng Shui around our apartment. It feels good seeing things from a different perspective.Enjoying some tea and catching up on “Jane The Virgin”. Image captured as part of the CLUSE campaign.Still wearing French Connection AW pieces, shot captured as part of their campaign.An evening at the Christmas markets saw us at the fair where we enjoyed a stroll and some good mulled wine.We spent this Saturday goofing around with dried flowers which has now become our thing. A self portrait was necessary.Another self portrait captured after a lovely meeting with a local design company. We stopped at a plant and coffee shop for some tea.

December 6, 2017
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In collaboration with Glitzbox.

Accessorising has become a part of my lifestyle. You’ll know this if you follow me on Instagram as I tend to pretty much wear the same pieces over and over again. In the past year, after much experimenting, I’ve found my sense of style and feel very much comfortable with it. Something I want reflected in the pieces of jewellery I also wear. It’s not so much so keeping up with the trend, but more about discovering pieces that speak to me. This is were Glitzbox comes in. A brand I discovered last year and talked about in a previous blog post. Glitzbox is a monthly jewellery subscription box delivered to your doorstep with pieces chosen especially for you. When signing up, you’re asked a series of questions relating to your taste in jewellery which is then used to customise your monthly subscription. The convenience of the service is the pause system which allows you to put your subscription on hold if you so choose to.

What I love most about Glitzbox is that it takes away the hassle of searching for something new and allows you to be surprised. This month, I was in receipt of pieces from three different jewellers and I couldn’t be more impressed. My absolute favourite was the Tilly Sveaas duo compass and lucky number 7 necklace. With earrings by Monarc Jewellery and a ring by Sharon Mills London to match, it was very hard to path ways with any of them. The saying that kept coming to mind was “good things never finish”. Meaning, I’ll always be surprised with wonderful pieces and can always take time to try it out and then decide what remains. With that in mind, I held on to the necklaces as they currently hold meaning to some wonderful things that have been happening in my life very recently. The £39 credit I received from my subscription box allowed me to get them for two thirds of the price. Whoohoo!

Seeing as Christmas is right around the corner, this would make the perfect gift especially for someone who leads a hassle free life and loves surprises. You can get 50% off your subscription using code OnyiM. Also, Glitzbox have some discounted subscriptions which work very well for gifting this season. To find out more about the subscription and  gifting, please visit Glitzbox.ACCESSORISING MADE VERY EASY WITH GLITZBOXACCESSORISING MADE VERY EASY WITH GLITZBOX

December 2, 2017
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In Collaboration With Monsoon.

“Darling, it wouldn’t be a party without you.” Reads the final sentence on the Christmas party invite I received from my friend who always throws a very special Christmas party every year since I’ve known her. It’s one event I tend to look forward to during the holiday season as she never fails to go all out with a party theme that sticks. Her remark is right in every sense of the word. As much as she takes her time to plan a great party, without any guests in attendance, it wouldn’t be much of a party. Armed with the knowledge of the role I play, it’s only natural I prep accordingly. Which is why I’m sharing 3 party looks from the Monsoon party collection that I’ll be rocking this season.

Margot Velvet Maxi Dress Monsoon Margot Velvet Maxi Dress Monsoon Party LookLook 1 – A Night On The Titanic 

Did I mention this is the theme of this year’s special Christmas party? All that came to mind was the movie, Titanic. Drawing some inspiration from Rose, this timeless velvet dress was the classic piece to rise to the occasion. I was especially drawn to this dress because of the colour. It’s the perfect shade of red, giving it a very royal look. The slit allows room for dancing while still looking very elegant. Paired with green velvet sandals and coat to keep warm, I think I’m definitely ready for a night on the Titanic. Only this time, I’m already married to my Jack, and we hope to have a wonderful time onboard and experience many more beautiful nights together.

“Winning that ticket, Rose, was the best thing that ever happened to me… it brought me to you …” Jack DawsonON BECOMING THE ART OF THE PARTYValerie Velvet Sock Boots Monsoon Stasia Star Velvet Jacket Look 2 – The Conversation Piece

Being the mostly awkward girl I am, expressing myself through my style is usually a great way to get the conversation going.

“Creativity takes courage.”Henry Matisse

A party theme is good, but when none exists, there’s plenty of room to be creative. The Stacia Star Velvet Jacket caught my eye. The perfect conversation piece! Styling it in a way that isn’t the norm by tucking it in when paired with this beautiful pleated green skirt and velvet sock boots. To finish off the look is a clutch bag that displays as much detail as the jacket. Enough to start up a conversation on its own.

“The principles of true art is not to portray, but to evoke.”Jerzy KosinskiLook 3 – Getting Practical

Sometimes you make up your mind that you’re going to party all night and dance till the morning comes. This look is especially for those moments. Dancing shoes on, in the form of the Simone Velvet Block Heel Sandal with matching trousers that allow me to do a boogie or two across the dance floor. Queue the music! You can tell I’m already getting excited, lol. Still swooning over velvet, a velvet cami and jacket make the perfect layers to complete the look.

“Life is the dancer and you are the dance.”Eckhart Tolle.

This would probably be an appropriate time to mention I’m not the best dancer, but that has never stopped me from trying. In fact, I’ll be making a song request (I’m thinking I Wanna Dance with Somebody) when next I spot this look at a party. Hopefully, this happens soon.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post as much as I’ve enjoyed putting it together. Let me know what your favourite pieces are from the Monsoon party collection in the comments.

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Margot Velvet Maxi Dress

Stasia Star Velvet Jacket

Phoebe Pleated Skirt

Gabby Jacquard Trousers

Valerie Velvet Sock Boots

Simone Velvet Block Heels Sandals

Elena Embellished Box Clutch Bag

Julietta Velvet Cami Top

Betty Borg Coat

Alicia Velvet Blazer

November 27, 2017
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I had the pleasure of attending the bff brunch and bouquet with CLUSE in London. It was their first ever blogger event. I came across CLUSE when they reached out to me during the summer. After browsing through their website and conducting a little research on the brand, it was easy to see how they were a good fit for my brand. Since then, I’ve been working with them on a few campaigns and was very delighted to receive an invite to their very first blogger event.

 My bestie, Mimi accompanied me down to enjoy some girly time with the Swedish watch and jewellery brand. Upon arriving London, we were picked up by our uber to head to the event which was held at Bourne and Hollingsworth, a very beautiful spot perfect for capturing Instagram worthy images. There we got the chance to meet other bloggers who also attended the event from various parts of the country. We enjoyed a lovely sit down breakfast, and we dined to our heart’s content. The breakfast table was full of little bouquets and gifts containing CLUSE watches and bracelets. Afterwards, we learnt how to make bouquets which we were allowed to take home with us. The CLUSE team were very hands on making sure to engage everyone and get to know them better. It was really refreshing seeing this. It made me feel even more happy to be a part of their campaign. And when it was time to go home, our uber was waiting to take us.

Nothing like having a brand display so much appreciation especially in times where a lot of brands tend to do a lot of taking from bloggers and very little giving. This event made me understand my worth even more so and I’m nothing but grateful to the CLUSE team for treating us to the most wonderful time. The memories from the event will definitely linger on as I now have my bouquets hanging in my bedroom to dry, a habit I picked up from my time travelling in Greece. For 15% off CLUSE watches and jewellery, use code MOSSONYI15.***If you want to edit like me, you can! Get my Lightroom preset or grab a copy of my eBook here.***

November 25, 2017
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Party Looks Ideas

The girl in velvet; like an open book, she wore her heart on her sleeve for all to see. Still, there was something very curious about her. She sends home letters stained with red lipstick so everyone would know what a great time she was having. She didn’t particularly know how to dance, but that never stopped her from moving to the rhythm of life. Just like velvet, she is smooth with her words. She once willed it to conquer a childhood fear.

The girl in velvet; she understood the essence of time. With every passing season, she found a reason to wear it. Choosing colours to suit her mood. Pink was for days she visited the old and dusty bookshop, in search of hidden treasures, and had enough pocket change for peonies. Blush was for those special moments she spent with the one she loved. And black was perfect for any day, to show the strength she possesses despite her fears. Something about embracing life makes her feel very hopeful. She can see her story unfold, after all, she’s dreamt of it a thousand times over. Love remains at the core of what she does. She understands that without passion, there’ll be no spark.

The girl in velvet; she takes her relationships very seriously. Her mother once told her, “relationships are like hand woven blankets, with no two ever the same. But trust remains the thread that pulls it all together into something beautiful”. This stuck with her. And with every friendship, she’s discovered a new side to her. One that can sometimes be full of surprises. The girl in velvet; she lived so she could add more pages to her story.French Connection Bijou Stitch Strappy JumpsuitAutumn/Winter Party Look IdeasFrench Connection Ines Suiting JacketFrench Connection Core Chunky Clasp Link BraceletWhat To Wear To A Christmas PartyFrench Connection Autumn Winter 2017 PiecesIn this post, I am styling pieces from French Connection’s latest collection. As we’re fast approaching Christmas, this is the best time to put together new looks for the busy party season. The first look is something I would wear to a Christmas party. I love how the jumpsuit gives off  a 70s vibe and when paired with the jacket, makes it quite formal. The second look gives off the feeling of a fairytale unfolding in New York. The coat is very Autumn/Winter appropriate, paired with the tulle skirt, it added a lot of character to the outfit. It was put together as a date night look. Some pieces never go out of style, like velvet. It can come in the form of a very chic jumpsuit, a blazer or even an accessory like a choker. It’s one of those fabrics that tend to work really well with other textiles which gives you options when putting together an outfit. You’ll sometimes find velvet pieces which have been designed with other fabrics such as tulle and silk, resulting in a very unique piece. For more velvet style inspiration, take a look at these pieces by French Connection. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it. Let me know which looks you’re going for this season and which pieces never go out of style for you.French Connection Leonie Faux Fur Jacket French Connection Alisa Multi Buckle Ankle BootsFrench Connection Luna Sparkle Midi Skirt What To Wear For A Date NightFrench Connection Reversible Rain MacDate Night Look Ideas For Autumn WinterFrench Connection AW Party Looks Ideas


Ines Suiting Jacket

Bijou Stitch Strappy Jumpsuit

Fearne Suede Ankle Wrap Heels

Bee Charm Necklace

Core Chunky Clasp Link Bracelet

Dream Multi Rings

Chain Strap Bag



Luna Sparkle Midi Skirt

Leonie Faux Fur Jacket

Clee Crepe Light Vest Top

Alisa Multi Buckle Ankle Boots



Leather Chelsea Boots

Reversible Rain Mac

Rebound Stretch Extra Skinny Jeans

Cotton Wool Mixed Stitch Jumper

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November 6, 2017
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Welcome back to another round of the stories behind our daily Instagram uploads. I can’t believe we’re on the fourth one. And I’m totally enjoying doing it. Right, let’s get into the stories.This shoot was a bit of a funny one. While strolling through town, we came across this bike by the sidewalk on a busy street and thought it would be the perfect prop for a street style self portrait. To my right were office folks gathering and peaking through the window, trying to figure out what the hell we were doing. To our front was another very curious audience who couldn’t stop staring even as they crossed the street. There was one man in particular pretending to have gone past but kept sticking his head out from the corner of the building and peaking, to make sure he understood what was really going on. Now that cracked me up big time, lol. Although uncomfortable, we weren’t giving up. Looks like our desire to succeed was greater than our fear of failure.It was a very busy day. We had a key campaign deadline to meet which saw us spend all day in front of our computer, editing and writing. I remember going back and forth between the kitchen and my office desk for tea and toast. To keep up with our daily Instagram upload, I had decided that I’d post a photo from a previous shoot. But later that evening, I received a blogger mail with this cute denim short as part of it and I couldn’t resist trying it on. I loved it so much so that I asked Craig to take a picture of me wearing it while I went about my tea and toast routine. I didn’t think much of the picture at the time but somehow it managed to become a hit on Instagram as it got a lot of engagement. These shots were taken while we were roaming The Northern Quarter in town on what would appear to be a sunny autumn day. To get the self portrait, we had to put or camera on the road. Which was quite the risky thing to do as a car could have easy swung by and knocked it over. Thankfully, it wasn’t quite a busy road. We did get a lot of folks look at us like we were crazy, lol. Being a self proclaimed plant lady, I thought this plant shop where I usually frequent for house plants was a lovely backdrop for a shoot and so I asked Craig to get a shot of me stood outside of it. This shot was taken as part of the new Bio Oil packaging campaign. While out shooting with my close friend Mimi, I thought it would be a good idea to make use of the flowers (which formed part of the shoot) and they seemed to fit in pretty well. To get the full story check out my recent blog post titled “There’s Something About Mimi”.Still exploring more of Manchester, we went out on this day and found ourselves at the arts and crafts centre in The Northern Quarter. It had beautiful shops full of hand made unique pieces. Craig fell in love with a quaint little coffee shop where we ordered a latte and tea to drink. While enjoying his latte, I thought it’d be nice to grab a candid shot of him and so I did.

***If you want to edit like me, you can! Get my Lightroom preset or grab a copy of my eBook here.***

November 1, 2017
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I read somewhere that “the best friendships are those that have survived the test of time, conflict and change”. For the past month I’ve been thinking of ways to collaborate with other bloggers in my niche and what better way to start this than with a friend who I can certainly say has become a sister (fact; we’ve been told we look alike on many occasions). There’s something about Mimi that makes everyone she spends time with see her as their best friend. I can’t count the amount of people who have claimed her as their bestie but between us, I’m the number one bestie, lol. Mimi is the kind of girl when you continuously tell her about someone will immediately act like she’s known the person a lifetime upon meeting them. She just knows how to make you feel welcome. I’ve actually known Mimi for over twenty years now. We both went to the same boarding school back home in Nigeria. She was the social prefect which shouldn’t come as a surprise given her personality, and I was a house captain. The funny thing is that we weren’t all that close back then but we were very cordial and social towards each other whenever we found ourselves in the same space.Mimi moved to the UK right after we graduated from secondary school. I remember seeing her pictures on Facebook and thinking she was having a fabulous time over there which made me dream even more of visiting. Once I was done with university, I moved to the UK to further my career as a chartered accountant. I was residing in Birmingham at the time and Mimi in Manchester. We kept in touch and met up a few times. Then that turned into calling each other everyday and now we can’t stop being in each other’s lives. I have very fond memories of Mimi coming to visit me in Birmingham and helping me with my paper rounds (yes, being a paper girl was my part time job). A couple of weeks ago I wrote (in the post titled “how the law of attraction saved my life”) about how a close friend let me move in with her and her family when I was going through a rough patch. Well, you guessed right. That friend was Mimi. She was the reason why I packed up and moved down to Manchester. We had the most amazing times. One time we went to a popular roof top bar  as spinsters in a bid to treat ourselves to a girls night out. We got all dressed and took pictures to share on Facebook (that was before Instagram was well known). We were quite the broke spinsters as we opted for the 2 for 1 cocktail deal. Once we were done with our drinks (which by the way took less than 15 minutes), we couldn’t wait to leave as we were bored out of our minds. We ended up ordering some Chinese to the bar then took a taxi home, lol. Thanks to Mimi, I’ve had the experience of being kicked out of the cinema as she’s one to converse and laugh out loud during a movie screening. She’s always quick to cry even at the most silly things. One example of this was when we were both catching up on Glee over dinner, in the episode, one of the students was turned down for a job they really wanted and happened to take the rejection quite well considering how badly they wanted it. The next thing I heard was Mimi nearly choking on her food from crying as she was upset about him not getting the job. Knowing Mimi, I can’t promise that she won’t cry when she reads this post cause that’s just the kind go girl she is. I guess that’s why I feel like I can open up to her as she’s not afraid to show her emotions.When we planned this shoot, little did we know that our faith would be tested. Mimi just acquired a bike and it was the obvious prop to use for the shoot. We chose our outfits carefully to compliment the bike. We made flower arrangements with the flower shop next to my Church. We were in very high spirit, and so was Craig who was excited to shoot us. Come the day of the shoot, it was pouring it down. All of Manchester was wet. It turned out we had planned our day without taking into account the weather. We ended up leaving my apartment around 2pm for a shoot that was scheduled to take place before noon (shows our concept of timing). Once we arrived at our shoot location, it turned out to be closed due to a private event taking place. We found a nearby pub where we stayed and ordered lunch while we gathered our thoughts. Craig feeling quite sorry for us said “I’ve just looked at the weather and tomorrow seems to be a better day, can I suggest you ladies move your shoot till then?”. I was feeling nearly defeated at the time but something in me kept saying this is just a test, you can make this work. So I said, let’s look at the weather by the hour. Upon checking, we could see that the rain would stop within half an hour with the rest of the day being just cloudy. You could see the excitement on my face once we discovered this. We enjoyed our meal and set out with the intention to go to a new location. On our way there, Mimi spotted this beautiful road with trees on both sides which looked quite magical. She said “What is this place?”, and I screamed “This is exactly what I pictured in my head when we thought of this shoot. Stop the car!” By then then rain had completely stopped and we still had time to shoot before it got dark. We wasted no time playing around and shooting. We even had time to get some footage for a short film which you can watch here. Seeing how everything came together in the end was so rewarding. It felt like we had yet again conquered another challenging day, making it even more memorable.

ONYI / JUMPER – M&S / JEANS – NA-KD (use code Onyi20 for 20% off) / SHOES & BAG – PINKO

MIMI / BERET – H&M / JUMPER – RALPH LAUREN / JEANS – TOPSHOP / SHOES – ASOS / BAG – FCUK***If you want to edit like me, you can! Get my Lightroom preset or grab a copy of my eBook here.***

October 30, 2017
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