It feels good to be back home in Manchester. Speaking of home, I’ve never really felt like I belonged or fitted into one set group or category. I remember very well what it felt like growing up in Nigeria where I didn’t conform to the norm. I was chastised for being too skinny (one individual even went as far as suggesting that I might have AIDS) and thought of as odd for not listening to mainstream Nigerian music. The truth is I can’t help it if I only love music that has a lot more depth to it or if I don’t think and act like almost everyone else. I am who I am.


I found that I constantly had to defend my weight and lifestyle choices amongst other things. The only time I felt safe and still do is amongst family and friends as they know and accept me for who I am. I guess that’s why friendships mean a lot to me. Building a bond based on acceptance and tolerance gives the feeling of trust and comfort.2n4a0741

Things weren’t very much different when I moved to the UK and being socially awkward didn’t help too. But that never stopped me from creating a safe space for me to exist. I’ve never been the girl to be described as the life of the party as I tend to sit in my own little corner observing everyone else.2n4a0699

 I paid close attention to the people around me, looking out for traits they shared with close friends back in Nigeria. And soon enough it didn’t take long for us to connect. The meaning of home became very clear to me. It has nothing to do with where you find yourself but everything to do with the people you find that you’re most comfortable with. 2n4a0726

Suddenly everywhere becomes home when you’re with the right kind of people. Nigeria is home as long as my family and friends are there, New York felt like home cause I was with Craig and Manchester is certainly home with friends like Mimi and more. Home is where my loved ones are. Home is here.2n4a0721

Home – wearing Craig’s knit from last Christmas.

December 3, 2016
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If you know what it means to have ”black girl problems” then you’ll know that hair day is a thing which if you’re not careful can consume your day especially if you’re a 4c girl like me. After going on a 3 year natural hair journey, I decided to throw in the towel and relax my hair. This decision was not taken lightly as I had put in a lot of time and effort to stay on a natural journey. I’d say life got in the way as I became very busy with work and my blog and couldn’t afford to give multiple hours let alone a whole day to groom my hair. Still, a day needs to be set aside as hair day, although this time not the whole day is needed as it only takes me at most 3 hours to get it sorted.


Being in New York on holiday seems like the perfect time to have a hair day. What I love the most about it is the rituals that comes with it. The time between doing a deep conditioning and the final rinse is perfect to waltz around in comfy garments, snacking away at popcorn while watching Home Alone II. It becomes easy to realise that hair day isn’t such a bad thing after all. If only I could catch a break from work and perhaps freeze time, I might still be a naturalista. But hey, there’s no point dwelling on what could have been especially when the time gained has been put to good use. 2n4a0484

We all have that one thing that has the potential to take up our time but understanding the outcome and finding a way around it is always a good option. The 3 hours now allocated to my hair day has become my outlet for relaxation, almost like a spa day which makes it all the more exciting to look forward to. Who knows, I might even try to paint my nails on hair day, but Craig will have you know the chances of that happening are pretty slim. 2n4a0499

Hair Day – with love from New York.

November 30, 2016
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Today I want to talk about time the way I see it and think about it. We’re now in Autumn and experiencing shorter days and longer nights which means I have to make use of what daylight I can get as my photography is done solely using natural light.2n4a93132n4a9299As I have a week day 9 to 5 job, this pretty much leaves me with the weekend to get some photography done. Knowing that isn’t just enough, I had to come up with a plan together with Craig to arrange weekend shoots. We attempted the plan for the first time yesterday and it was a success. We did the same thing in summer   where we tried to get in a shoot almost every day which made this my most productive summer yet.2n4a93272n4a9267Choosing how and what to spend time on is very key. They say people who are experts in their fields have spent nothing less than 10,000 hours practicing. So what do I do with the longer nights? I spend it editing photos and acquiring more knowledge in photography and other subject areas that interest me.2n4a93292n4a9357To really understand time you have to understand balance. Like I mentioned earlier on, I’ve got a full time job coupled with my photography and blog so where does family and social life fit in? Finding this balance is something I’ve been trying to work out for a while now. Craig’s role behind the scenes has evolved into a collaborative partnership which has helped in a lot of ways as it means we get to spend more time together doing the things we love while at the same time capturing those moments. 2n4a93452n4a9272Finally, it is worth noting that there’s a time for everything. You can always plan your time and all but sometimes life hits you with a curve ball and you might find yourself stuck in time or in some cases ahead of time and somewhat unprepared. It’s okay to stop and experience that moment taking notes of the lessons learnt, both the good and the bad, knowing that time is what you make of it when you make of it.2n4a9236Tick tock tick tock…

October 23, 2016
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I never used to drink tea until I moved to the UK. I remember very well how it all came about. I was in an office job and my colleagues would make a brew for one another. I got asked on several occasions “fancy a cuppa?” and my answer would always be a no until one winter morning when I couldn’t cope with the cold and finally said yes to one. It felt so good in my hands as I started to warm up almost very quickly. A couple of hours later I had seconds and then one more for the road. Now it’s become a part of me, so much so that day without a cuppa doesn’t feel quite right. 2n4a8792
The same goes for not feeding my mind with what it needs to feel warm. Almost  like the book Chicken Soup for the Soul. I always try to seek out positive things to motivate myself. Doing it once a week never quite cuts it. Just like my experience with tea, I can certainly tell when I’m lacking in drive and motivation. 2n4a8816
Listening to motivational speeches first thing in the morning tends to set the tone for my day. I find myself ready to hit the road knowing that it’ll be a good day. 2n4a8881
I noticed that people are a lot more happier when the days are warm compared to when it’s cold. This means I’ll have to make a conscious effort to have multiple top ups during these days so I don’t get lost in my days. 2n4a8835So now when I hear a colleague or my husband say “fancy a cuppa?”, I’ll say to myself “and some for the soul too”.

October 13, 2016
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Last week I got the chance to meet the the man behind Self Portrait thanks to the Selfridges blogger event hosted in Manchester. It was all very exciting as I got to appreciate his work even more. The collection had an everywoman style feel to it as you could almost certainly find a piece that could work for you whatever your style may be.2n4a81552n4a81492n4a8133The event was full of vibrance as Manchester bloggers got chatting about the collection over a glass of Prosecco and good music. 2n4a81562n4a8143I got to establish new relationships in the blogger community and we took lots of photos thanks to the Photo Booth set up. I managed to capture some footage for my vlog too.2n4a81532n4a8151It was quite refreshing to see Manchester bloggers being given such an opportunity to engage with an established designer. The night ended on a high as it was nothing short of a success.

October 7, 2016
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It’s quite hard to believe that autumn is approaching considering all the rays of sunshine and warmth coming through Manchester. Nonetheless, I am nothing short of grateful for the not so typical British weather. Having said that, I didn’t take advantage of it this weekend as I failed to vlog, but with good reason. 2n4a6667As I mentioned in my last blog post, I am trying to give my photos a more consistent look. This usually means that I spent hours and hours watching photoshop tutorials and experimenting. 2n4a7730On Saturday I woke up at 7am and went straight to it. I only took breaks to eat and use the rest room. I was at it until 1am on Sunday when I started feeling somewhat defeated as  I felt like I had made very little progress. Thankfully my spirit wasn’t broken. So come Sunday morning, I was back at it again at 8am and carried on like I did on Saturday and then paused at 4pm to take some pictures to apply some of the techniques I had been practicing. 2n4a7739I took to my balcony wearing this badot top from New Look and chilled on my hammock which by the way needs hanging. 2n4a7741I’m learning that it takes time to hone editing skills and in my case it might take even longer as I’m self taught coupled with the fact that I don’t just want to do any odd editing but one that would make people stop and think when they see my work. Speaking of work, it’s time to get back to it. Thanks for reading my blog. I hope the sun shines where you are.

September 19, 2016
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This blog post is coming to you from 30 year old Onyi who’s now somewhat wiser than she was a couple of blog posts ago. So, what has wiser Onyi been up to? That’s what I’m here to talk to you about.2n4a7202First off, I’m still doing indoor shoots and I love it. I get to experiment with light and angles as I’m restricted when it comes to space. Nonetheless, it means I get to share my world from my perspective behind closed doors. My bed has always been my most productive space. There I’ve traveled the world, started businesses, met beautiful people and even had Sunday roasts with my grand kids on multiple occasions. And for that, I am ”grape full”.2n4a65932n4a6565After doing some social media research (which mostly involved looking at profiles of successful photographers/bloggers), I quickly picked up they all seem to have some kind of theme going on and were consistent with it. So I’ve been spending time defining my photo edits so I can also exhibit the same level of consistency.2n4a6514I started drinking decaffeinated tea. Apparently too much caffeine isn’t good for you, lol.2n4a71622n4a6582I’ve been dreaming of a hammock. In other words, going on holiday. I have a couple of holidays lined up for the later part of the year so maybe not too long from now.2n4a72362n4a6858I started exploring more of Manchester and I’m enjoying it. It’s amazing how beautiful this city is. I’m making it my mission to find all the wonderful spots in Manchester and share it with you lot. Who knows, it might lead to Manchester being seen as more of a tourist location.2n4a68142n4a6974To make our apartment more homely, I started project “indoor couple shoots”(I know it sounds cheesy, lol) so we can have pictures of us in our space hung up on our walls. I’d say we’re slowly building up a collection.2n4a73212n4a5186Autumn is coming and I’m just about ready for it. But until then, it’s back to work with me so expect some weekly updates on the blog. 2n4a70392n4a7122I want to say a special thank you to Christella Bijou for making a portrait of me which I used as the thumbnail of this post.2n4a2779 Hope you all have a great week!!!

September 10, 2016
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