Going meat free means I’ve been on the look out for places to eat that accommodate my new lifestyle. I solicited the help of my friend who’s been on this journey for some time now and she gave me some useful tips. She said you can never go wrong with Mexican and Indian food as there’s plenty to choose from. Barburrito happens to be a Mexican restaurant that specialises in making burritos. Last Friday, my friend and I made a quick stop at one of its restaurants located in the city for our occasional catch up. It had a lovely atmosphere with a choice of indoor and outdoor sitting. The open style kitchen plan allows you to see all the ingredients and make your preferred selection.

Not being one to love a wrap, I opted to have mine in a bowl without the wrap while my friend had the wrap Mexican style. The service was quick, almost like street food which I loved about it as I never like waiting for food especially when I’m hungry, lol. This is perfect for those having a quick lunch break from work. I had the Mexican rice with mushrooms, hot tomato sauce, beans and salad. My friend went for the classic burrito wrap with some guacamole and we were all set to go. The portions were very decent and filling. It was definitely a hit in my books as I enjoy spicy food. All the ingredients compliment each other well. Definitely a spot I will be revisiting soon. 

July 21, 2017
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Italian food happens to be one of my favourite food. I love pasta and pizza any day. Having recently transitioned to being vegetarian, I’ve been on the look out for spots to eat out that make a tasty veggie meal. Our last experience at Vapiano, inspired us to book a holiday to Venice where we had the most amazing time. We decided to pay it a visit again last Sunday to see what a vegetarian like me could enjoy from their latest menu.


Vapiano is located right in the heart of Manchester city centre, in the Corn Exchange building.


Spread across two floors with outdoor sitting good for a hot summer day, Vapiano is a spacious spot to relax in. With nostalgic black and white photographs hanging on the walls, it gives you the Italian experience. The open plan kitchen allows for some entertaining viewing as you watch your food being prepared by seasoned chefs.


For the the starters, we had some green olives. We then moved on to a bowl of vegetable salad which came with cheese and black pepper. Garlic bread followed. You can’t go to Vapiano without indulging in some good old garlic bread. Next on the menu was Risotto ai Funghi. This was my favourite meal by miles. I love rice and the mushrooms gave it a really good taste. A meal I would highly recommend even for non vegetarians. For dessert, we had the New York Cheesecake, which melted like butter and tasted divine. We had a lot of water and pineapple juice that tasted quite refreshing. To see more of what Vapiano has to offer, you can view their menu here.


Upon arriving at the restaurant, you’re given a card which will be scanned each time you place an order. The staff will talk you through how the process works if it’s your first time visiting. You are responsible for going to the kitchen to place your order where you get the chance to see your meal being prepared. The maximum amount of time we waited for a meal was 5 minutes. You have an option to take a timer back to your table which beeps when your meal is ready. At the end of your meal, your card gets scanned and your bill is produced, ready for payment. The staff are very friendly and professional.

We had an amazing time dinning here again and look forward to revisiting.This meal was complimentary of Vapiano. All opinions are my own.

July 15, 2017
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Netflix and chill is a phrase you’ve probably heard of especially as folks take turns on twitter using it as innuendos to describe a moment in a relationship. A lot of times Netflix and chill isn’t done in the company of others. I find myself doing this (not very often) when I’ve got a day off work. Thinking about work is the very last thing on my mind. On days like these, a distraction from the norm seems more appropriate. I usually wake up around the same time I always do, instead of getting out of bed, I reach for my phone. Going through emails and notifications, I somehow find myself caught in work again. So I change my strategy. I ring family and friends and catch up with those I manage to get a hold of. You’ll find that when you’re free to engage with others, they’re not always free to do the same. Enjoying time in your company will be something you’ll have to learn to love.

Finding the word for the day using my Bible app and meditating on it sets the tone for the rest of my day. Getting out of bed in my pjs (a t-shirt and tights), I walk straight into the kitchen cause I’m starving at this point. I have a light breakfast (toast and a cuppa with some yoghurt) and then go through the Netflix app to find something that will keep me very distracted and perhaps inspired for the rest of the day. Once I find a show, I begin the process of making myself a nice filling lunch. My go to meal is a roast dinner. I pop the chicken in the oven and then look around for some light snacks and drinks to engage my mouth  while watching my newly discovered show. On this occasion, some snack a jacks and strawberries were perfect for the mood. And if there’s wine around (which there rarely is), half a glass will do just fine. The show this time was “The Crown”. I found myself engrossed in it as I tried to understand how duty to family and country can sometimes conflict but the crown always wins. Tough concept to deal with, one I hope I never find myself in. How do you Netflix and chill?

April 8, 2017
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Revolución de Cuba Manchester is where we found ourselves this lovely Saturday afternoon while on the look out for where to eat just before our usual scheduled shoots. We’ve gone past it quite a few times and have even made use of their outdoor sitting for a photoshoot on two occasions as it looked dreamy. We can’t seem to answer the question as to why we never stepped in for a meal prior to today. Revolución de Cuba as you can tell by the name, is a Cuban restaurant located in the heart of Manchester City Centre. The first thing that is obvious about this restaurant is the lovely decoration which can be seen both indoors and outdoors. The outdoor sitting consists of benches surrounded by plants. As soon as you step indoors, you begin to see items that almost reminds you of Cuba if you’ve been or the Cuba you’ve seen in the TV show Narcos if you’re like me.

When we arrived we were given options as to where to sit and we opted to sit in front of the band who were nowhere to be seen at the time. Playing it safe, I went for the Caribbean Chicken Curry which came with a side of rice while Craig had some tasty Enchiladas (some of which I ended up nicking) accompanied with a side of rice and beans. I had fresh pineapple juice to drink with no ice (so I can get my money’s worth, lol) and Craig had some coca cola with ice. The restaurant was packed with people, food, drinks and Cuban music emanating from the speakers. It didn’t take long for the band to get on stage to perform live. I was tucking into my food and enjoying the music until the theme tune for Narcos came up. I quickly put down my cutlery, grabbed my phone and began to record it. Everything in that moment made me think of going back home after the meal to re-watch NarcosWe had an amazing time and the whole experience cost us circa £25. It is a spot I’ll definitely recommend you go to at least once. I’m pretty sure they’ll be seeing me soon, again. Revolution De CubaRevolution De Cuba Manchester

April 1, 2017
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There was much to eat last Saturday thanks to Vapiano, a vibrant Italian restaurant located at the heart of Manchester.  The layout is amazing spread across two floors with open kitchen view where you can see your food being made. I’d describe the restaurant as self service as you’ll need to go to the kitchen to place your order yourself. When we arrived, we were given a Vapiano card which we needed to scan each time we placed an order.  When you place an order, you’re given an electric timer and you can either watch your food being made or return to your table till your timer goes off which means your meal is ready for collection. The staff were very friendly and accommodating and talked us through the process of dining at the restaurant.

We didn’t waste anytime placing our orders as we were determined to have a 3 course meal. The food prep took about 3 to 5 minutes which was pretty good. We wandered around the restaurant taking pictures while our meal was being prepared. We didn’t want an empty table considering we wanted to try everything almost at the same time so we placed all our order once we were sure of what we wanted. We ordered the below;

BRUSCHETTA @ £3.75, this was made up of two pieces of toasted ciabatta bread, marinated tomatoes, garlic, basil, olive oil. It was quite filling and tasted divine. We had it together with green olives and it was a hit.

GARLIC BREAD @ £3.25 and the SALAME pizza @ £7.95 which were both mouth watering when had together.

ESTIVA pasta @ £9.50 which consisted of chicken breast, ginger, chilli, mint, rocket, sun-dried tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, it felt divine.

For desert we had the BAKED CHEESECAKE @ £4.95 and CIOCCOLATA BIANCA @ £4.95 which is a blend of white chocolate and cream on a biscuit base, topped with salted caramel sauce and honeycomb.

We topped up on drinks a couple of times, I had fresh orange juice and Craig went for some coke and water. The portions were huge and filling to say the least and everything we ordered, we enjoyed. I particularly liked that their chillies were actually hot as I do love having that kick in my meal. The oils on the table complimented the starters and mains quite well. We totally enjoyed eating the home made Italian food Vapiano had to offer which inspired us to book a long weekend away to Venice, a trip which we’re very much looking forward to as we intend to indulge in more classic italian food.

A massive than you to Vapiano Manchester for having us. All opinions are my own, buon appetito!

January 20, 2017
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I’ve been off work this week which meant I’ve had time to explore more of Manchester. My wandering led me to Oxford Road where a lot of people where out on the streets making their brands known in the Freshers Fair. You couldn’t take 5 steps without someone trying to hand you a poster of some sort. I’m not a student, but it would have been rude not to indulge them given some of the offers at play. I ended up taking up two offers which fed me for the most part of the day at a cost of £1.2n4a7786The first offer was a free main course and drink at Turing Tap. It was meant to be lunch for two but couldn’t find anyone available at the time to join me so I went all by myself. Nonetheless, it was a very exciting experience. 2n4a7765This blogger friendly spot (and I don’t just mean the very welcoming staff but also the pristine decor) was preparing for it’s grand re-opening and wanted to give their staff a chance to practice on real customers hence the offer of free dining. 2n4a7764The excitement of course came from drawing your meal from a top hat which meant I ended up trying something I have never had before. It was the Tomato, Mozzarella and Avocado Ciabatta. I’m not vegetarian and would usually go for a meaty meal but this was a a very tasty vegetarian option which was also healthy. Accompanied with fries, salad and a drink all at no cost, I couldn’t ask for a more filling lunch.2n4a7774After my meal I had a chance to wander round and take pictures and the staff where very accommodating of me. It was a lovely way to spend my afternoon. It is certainly a place I will be revisiting, soon. 2n4a7756So you ask where I spent the pound? Well, Dominos was offering free pizza for students and a charge of £1 to non students to take part in the offer. I paid the pound for a box of pepperoni pizza which I had for tea while chilling on my hammock which by the way still needs hanging.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this post. As for me, I’m continuing my journey of exploring this wonderful city. See you in my next post 🙂

September 23, 2016
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