emember my previous post where I talked about wanting my work to be featured in a magazine? Well, I decided to take the bull by the horn and create a magazine cover in Photoshop to bring that dream to life.
I will no longer be playing the waiting game. I will use the tools I already posses to achieve the results I want. So far, this has seemed to work as it landed me to become a brand ambassador for Stopshop London, an online boutique based in the UK.
This shoot was my first attempt with my mobile studio setup. It was difficult because I have no studio lights so I had to rely on the natural light coming through my apartment which was a character building task to say the least. But as they say, anything that is worth doing is worth doing badly until you learn how to do it.



There’s always a lesson to be learnt when you attempt something. You learn what not to do and what works, and with time you find better ways of doing the things that work. The lesson learnt here in this instance is that I need a steady light source and maybe an external flash to shoot indoors which is another thing I can start to work on.

“It is so easy to live through others, but who wants to do that? Life is worth experiencing first hand.” – Onyi Moss

Striking a pose was one of the few things I could control, so I did in the Onyi way I could and perhaps more.

Wearing the Ivana earrings and English Rose bracelet from Stopshop London  which I dare say look like ornaments from an ornate jewellery box from the Victorian era. These pieces inspired the rest of the outfit.

Fitting into the Stephania tube dress by House of London and Pearly Girly shoes  by Irregular Choice that looked like they were designed to be worn by a lady in French court.

Snap, sing, dream… And there I was, bringing to life one of the many dreams I have. In chasing my dream, I have become my dream and life just got a lot more exciting. 


 Style by Onyi MossPhotography by Onyi Moss & Craig Moss

March 15, 2016
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Branding is one of the most vital aspects of any business. It’s no wonder it’s transcended to individuals who are now being recognised by their work. Many organisations have capitalised on their brands which in my opinion is mostly driven by consumer perception. Social media has become a popular place to show off branded possessions and with good reason as these things don’t come cheap. I dare say an individual whose means cannot accommodate for such lifestyle might find themselves digging into their pockets (sometimes creating a hole) to acquire these priced possessions.
I follow quite a few fashion bloggers who make good use of the high street 95% of the time and they create great content with it. As there is a lot of competition in the industry, you’ll find similarities in designs between high end and high street brands. All you need to have is a good eye and a talent for throwing things together.  2N4A0162This is exactly what I’ve done here. Inspired by the many fashion bloggers I keep up with, I decided to use a brand who’s known for being a cost leader (cheap) on the high street (although their consumers have decided to help rebrand their name to make it sound a bit more like a high end brand). Luckily, I have a husband who looks like the modern day mancunian so I worked the look around him for an editorial shoot (my very first attempt at shooting editorial and testing out my new Canon 5D MK III). Be sure to let me know what you make of this post and your favourite high street brands.2N4A0206PHOTOGRAPHY & STYLING // Onyi Moss

MODEL // Craig Moss

LOOK // Primark

November 15, 2015
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