February 12, 2018

Welcome back to another one of these. Weekly Instagram roundup has become one of my favourite posts to put together. Not only because it’s easy to collate the images, but because it makes me recall memories from the moments of our shoots which I thoroughly enjoy. Right! Let’s get into it.This shot was taken just before I went about shooting a product shot for a client. This particular project pushed me to think outside the box. It wasn’t easy but I was determined to deliver to the client. The flowers were props which I had purchased earlier on for the shoot.Anyone who knows me knows that I love my pastries. And croissant is one of my favourite. I was stuffing my face with this one cause I was hungry and we had a long day ahead of us.I recently became a partner for & Other Stories. This shot was taken as part of the partnership. I’m really chuffed with the opportunity as I love their pieces and always find myself going into their store every now and again. It’s always lovely to work with brands that you genuinely love. The cami and denim are from & Other Stories.  The image on the left was taken as part of the #cluselovestories campaign. We had fun shooting it. We got to go back to an area where we used to live. Funny how we now see the beauty of it since we started shooting more. The image on the right was taken as part of the River Island campaign #labelsareforclothes. The campaign was done to support the charity Ditch the Label to allow labels to be reclaimed back in a positive way. The shirt I’m wearing was customisable as I got to write down something that resonates with my journey. My shirt reads 100% free spirit.This shot was taken going about our business in town on what I might add was a very cold day but I was keen to show off the beautiful sleeves of this top which I scored in the Kooples sale.Another shot taken on a cold day, only this time it was actually raining. We were twinning and it was hard to resist getting a shot. We ran in afterwards and enjoyed a pot of piping hot tea before heading home.More campaign shots. Yes, we’ve been busy. The shot on the left was taken for the launch of the new Nestle chocolate l’atelier. We shot it in the library which we had fun doing. The shot on the right was for the Teint Idole Untra Wear foundation and highlighter by Lancome.Now this shot is one that I absolutely love. It was take in a restaurant at Victoria station. This was for a collaboration with French Connection who happen to be back in Manchester with their flagship store. I’m dressed in their pieces from head to toe. How cool are these pants? I absolute love French Connection and I’m glad I get to work with them on an ongoing basis.We recently just got back from the Netherlands. While there we had a last minute campaign dropped on us that we couldn’t resist. It was to celebrate International Scotch Day. For some reason there seems to be a misconception that scotch can only be drank neat but there’s more that can be done with it. We’ve manage to explore scotch mixers and cocktails and what fo you know, they taste great. Salud!I love accessorising with jewellery and love taking flat lays even though I don’t do it as much. I took this shot after breakfast in our hotel room in Tilburg. Can’t wait to share our travel snaps.We saved the best for last. Saturday night was epic. We got backstage access to see the Man City match. We got to spend the night with the lovely @lauren___benson and @thisistimothy. We saw Sergio do his thing and couldn’t help but cheer on. We ate till our hearts content and drank lots of champagne to celebrate the victory. And we returned home with some goodies all thanks to the guys at Links of London and Flannels.

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