February 8, 2018

Bringing another new Youtube series to your screen titled “Coffee Diaries”, where I discuss all things blogging and photography. I know in the past I had a coffee diaries series, but that was done as a style series as opposed to an interactive one which is what this new series is all about. Blogging is now being seen as a career option more recently than it was a few years back. Many folks now call themselves bloggers or at the very least know someone who is one. With the growth of the industry, it’s only natural for one to be curious as to how people go on to make an ideal living from something that was once thought of as a hobby of sorts. The truth is I was one of the folks who thought it to be a hobby of sorts. And perhaps what delayed me taking it up in the first place. I thought bloggers where vain and pretty much jobless. The title “Chartered Accountant” seemed a lot more braggadocios than a mere blogger, even though my creative skill has always been apparent to those closest to me. But that was my ignorance at play. Thankfully I soon came to my senses and stopped fighting what would open a whole new world of possibilities for me.

I was inspired by many bloggers like myself to take the leap and pursue it as a career whole heartedly. But before I did so, I struggled to see how they made a living from it. Mostly because very few shared anything about earning from it. And as such it was quite difficult for me to see how I could turn it into a full time career. I took the plunge anyway and went for it. I’d rather give it my all and fail than not try at all. Months have passed and I can say for the most part, I’ve figured it out after breaching the learning curve. I’ve become a lot more busier than I was in my role as a financial accountant at the bank where I used to work, lol. But I can’t complain as I’m now doing what I love.

I know quite a few of you who follow my blog are bloggers and also wondering how you can go about making a living from it, or you’re just curious as to how I and Craig have managed to both quit our jobs to pursue it as a career. Well, I hope to use this series to answer all your burning questions relating to blogging and photography. I have made the format very adaptive so all you have to do is leave your questions in the comments and they’ll be answered in upcoming episodes of the series. Be sure to catch up on the first episode by watching the Youtube video below. It talks about the key skills you need as a blogger. Hopefully you find it useful.

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