January 24, 2018

Still keeping up with the team of sharing the stories behind our images, January has been packed with pretty exciting moments.The shot was taken in a gold room we discovered underneath a coffee shop. A spot that tends to be empty as we discovered. It looks like something out of a historic Cuban home. We love it and we’re definitely going back for more.Now this was a shot that I kept seeing in my mind for days. I couldn’t ignore it any longer and decided to create it. Floating (thanks to some Photoshop tricks) is a new pair of shoes I managed to score for a good deal on sales. Sitting pretty is the Nigerian broom I grew up with, and the only one I trust to get the job done. It’s no secret I’ve been going a little crazy for hats so wearing one for this shot was definitely a given.These were taken on two very cold separate days. The shot on the left was me trying to escape the grim weather by seeking warmth in a store town. It didn’t help that I was wearing cropped jeans though. The shot on the right was taken while taking a stroll to town. We didn’t quite make it as we realised the weather was too cold for what we had on so we stopped to do a self portrait then dashed back home.This one is a depiction of the classic lazy Sunday I had. All I did was eat and watch Netflix in bed.I started getting into books over a year ago and I’ve been loving it. Can’t believe I robbed myself of knowledge all these years. But you know what they say, better late than never. The picture on the left was take on an evening of chilled reading. On the right is a shot taken on an evening stroll in Manchester. I love flowers so its no surprise I had this postcard in my backpack with the words written “have a beautiful day”.A very chilly Sunday waiting for the rain to pass. It had actually snowed for half an hour earlier own and we were hoping to get a shot in the snow but we took too long getting ready and making breakfast. We missed the snow and were met with rain. Still we didn’t let it dampen our mood as we had a campaign shoot to do for the watch brand  that we’ve been working with for a while now.We had just finished shooting for a beverage company and was heading home when I discovered this beautiful barber’s shop and asked Craig to get a picture of my outfit as I particularly liked the way I styled it. This was actually the test shot. Proof that sometimes all it takes is one shot.The image on the left was taken in Didsbury which I love as it’s a beautiful place and different from the city centre. It was shot as part of a campaign for Visit Britain. The image on the right is me almost everyday when I crave my sugar rush lol.I’ve just been obsessed with Godless ever since I encountered it on Netflix. The day of this shoot I believe I listened to one of the soundtracks (single girl) over a hundred times. It inspired us to create a short film for Instagram. Be sure to check it out as it’s been saved as a highlight in our profile.We had just enjoyed a lovely three course meal in this quaint restaurant in town. I could barely move and all I wanted was my bed afterwards. I wasn’t alone though as Craig felt the exact same way.We discovered a cafe that sells all hot drinks for £1. The funny thing is that we go past it all the time but never thought to stop by. In fact we were going to go to another coffee shop right opposite it but it was packed so we decided to leave. It was on our way out that it became obvious for us to try it out. I enjoyed a pot of tea for £1 and Craig a latte for the same amount.A self portrait captured on a very chilled Saturday. We made a deliberate attempt to show another corner of our apartment as we seem to also use the same spot due to good lighting. It so happened there are more corners in our apartment with good lighting and all we had to do was experiment more.

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