January 6, 2018

When I first started blogging, I deliberately steered away from fashion blogging as I thought it quite dull to say the least. I would come across the same sort of fashion images which is basically a blogger standing on a street and doing everything they could to draw attention to their outfit. Don’t get me wrong, I too indulged in similar shoots like these but it lacked excitement. It wasn’t until I came across the show Fashion Bloggers, featuring a group of talented bloggers who were photographers, creative directors and writers in their own right that I was excited to explore more of fashion blogging. I wasted no time investing in a camera and lens and then tried to recreate some of the work I was inspired  by. Their content sparked something in me. It made me want to go out and push myself more. They were ladies just like me. If they could do it, I could definitely find a way to do it. And so I practiced when I got a chance. Soon I began to see things differently and sure enough understanding the need for creative direction  became a part of my process.

In a time where almost every profile you stumble across on Instagram is that of a blogger, you have to set yourself apart with your content. For me, that has been to consistently focus on delivering content backed with creativity. The key is to always seek inspiration, and push yourself to constantly think outside the box. The more you do this, the more it’ll come naturally. Take for example this shoot. It wasn’t pre planned but something that came to me while putting on my makeup in preparation for my usual daily shoot. I went through my outfit mentally and it gave a very French vibe. As soon as I was done with my makeup, I put on the outfit as I had imagined it and told Craig that we’ll be stopping to pick up a baguette for the shoot and we were going to do it in front of a newsstand in town. And we did. It took me less than two minutes to come up with the creative process but this is because I have made sure to do this every chance I get with my content. The good news is you too can do it. All it takes is practice, patience and perseverance.


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  • Yara Mel Rozaay

    THIS. I could never pinpoint the difference between bloggers but this is it. Some choose the basic and some choose creating direction 🙂 I’m so excited to dive more into it this year. Thanks for sharing !


  • This is so true! it’s very important to set yourself apart in such a saturated career. You do a great job!

    Blvck Bee