December 6, 2017

We’re back with another one of these. November was a very busy month for us hence not being able to share more of our images. Nonetheless, this week is packed with everything we’ve shared on Instagram in the first half of November that has yet to make it to the blog.This image was captured for the Pandora and Disney campaign. We took this shot while out shooting for a blog post featuring one of my dearest friends. Check out the blog post titled “There’s something about Mimi” to see more.A self portrait captured on a very chilly evening. We had left our place quite late to head to town. But we made sure to make use of the little daylight we had left to get the shot. Craig insisted that my sunglasses are now his and I couldn’t argue with him, lol.Shot on Halloween. We failed to do any proper Halloween shots this year. We found ourselves running errands on the day and stopped to capture this shot while at it. We definitely plan on taking part in Halloween next year.This shot was captured as part of a visual story campaign for Haig Club.This is me whispering sweet nothing to Craig while he remains very professional as folks stare at us from the restaurant.Out and about another cold day, we came by this beautiful set up that gave us all the Christmas feels and couldn’t resist a self portrait. We did have a security guard tell us that we needed a permit to shoot, lol. I mean, it’s a public space to Christ’s sake. Craig told him it wasn’t for a production and he said we were allowed 5 minutes. We managed to get the shot within that time.Stayed indoors for what would appear to be a very chilly day. This shot was captured during a coffee break at one of our favourite restaurants. It was for a campaign with CLUSE.Another very Christmas self portrait taken while enjoying some tea and treats in a newly discovered spot in town.This one is a shot of me sowing off some of the pieces from the French Connection AW collection as part of a campaign to announce their new flagship store in ManchesterCaptured on a Saturday full of Feng Shui around our apartment. It feels good seeing things from a different perspective.Enjoying some tea and catching up on “Jane The Virgin”. Image captured as part of the CLUSE campaign.Still wearing French Connection AW pieces, shot captured as part of their campaign.An evening at the Christmas markets saw us at the fair where we enjoyed a stroll and some good mulled wine.We spent this Saturday goofing around with dried flowers which has now become our thing. A self portrait was necessary.Another self portrait captured after a lovely meeting with a local design company. We stopped at a plant and coffee shop for some tea.

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  • Thank you. There’s beauty in growth and I’m glad you’ve been a part of my journey. Thanks for sticking around.

  • Chi-Chi

    great pics as always Onyi! Your blog is going from strength to strength!