December 21, 2017

It’s less than two weeks to the start of the new year. And I can’t help but look back at 2017 to see what we did to get here. This year was full of saying yes to almost everything. It turned out to be the best way to find out what we didn’t want and now we know what we want. Hence, why we’re redefining our brand and setting future goals. But first, let me take you back to the beginning. Following on from 2016, practicing photography continued to be my main focus. I never stopped editing every chance I could get. Which meant I had images to work with and meant I blogged some more. Travelling was something we wanted to do more of, and we did. We travelled to London a number of times, went to see my family in Nigeria, visited Mykonos, Venice and Hamburg. We were delighted to make these trips as it opened our eyes to the possibilities of our dreams. Travelling gave us an avenue to share more on our social platform. The more we shared, the more we got noticed by brands. Suddenly, the blogger emails started pouring in.Like I mentioned earlier on, we said yes to almost everything. This meant we got shortchanged sometimes but it was okay as we looked at it quite differently. We saw it as an opportunity to collaborate and improve our skills. And it worked. The process enabled us discover how to make a living from our blog which saw me quit my full time job as a financial accountant to become a full-time blogger during the summer. Craig followed suit not long afterwards. This meant we had to put in more work in order to sustain ourselves financially while honing our craft.We discovered what we didn’t like. Our lifestyle has always been about making the most of what we have which is why you’ll see us wear the same outfits over and over again. Being prudent meant we got caught up buying “fast fashion” pieces which couldn’t sustain our lifestyle. The most valuable lesson we learnt so far. What we’ve had to do is have a rethink of the brands we want to be aligned with and how their products fits in with our lifestyle. This has formed the basis of our 2018 goal planning. REDEFINING OUR BRAND AND FUTURE GOALSSo what does our future look like? Well, you’ll have to come on this journey of change with us to see where it leads. Looking forward to telling you more about it in the new year.

Special thanks to Christella Bijou for providing me with her beautiful illustrations that also reflects her cycle of growth and change. To see more of her work be sure to check out her blog and Instagram.

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  • Chi-Chi

    it’s been great seeing your blog and social media presence grow from strength to strength! Christella Bijou is very talented!

    all the best for 2018 x

  • Thanks Sherita for stopping by my blog. It’s always love to know how people find my blog. Hope your goals become clearer to you. Cheers to embracing our goals. Hope you enjoy the holidays and a happy new year to you too.

  • Wow, what a post! I have been following you on instagram and love your feed. Thanks for the inspiration! I have been honing in on my goals and trying to figure out what my 2018 will look like. Looking forward seeing what the future holds for me too. Have a great holiday and new year!

  • Thanks Rosie. You’re too kind. You’re doing great things too. Cheers to even greater things in 2018.

    Christella is a wonderful artist. Love her work.

    Happy holidays xxx

  • Rosie Ann Butcher

    wow! this illustrations are beautiful!! very talented Christella Bijou !! What a collab! Onyi, your content is only getting better and better, soon you’ll be taking over the world! Keep going girl and cant wait to see you in the new year ! xxxx