December 29, 2017

Looking at these pictures you’d think I suddenly found myself in a beautiful sunny location away from the winter cold that is England right now. Wrong! I’m still very much in Manchester, dreaming about summer. As someone who always speaks about living in the moment, I can’t help but find myself wishing for lots of sunshine this season. It’s no wonder when I came across this cosy spot at the museum, the thought that sprung to mind was “let’s have a very fruity picnic in winter”.  And so I said to Craig, “I want to have a fruit picnic here”. He actually indulged me. So we went home, grabbed a throw, some tangerines and strawberries. I then got ready like it was summer time.

We returned back to the museum and practically made it our home. Throw spread out on the floor next to the fireplace, and fruits on display for us to munch on. I couldn’t help but daydream about the space being my home. It’s such a grand hall that visitors barely go to so we got to have it all to ourselves. Although when Craig whipped out the camera and began shooting, people started taking an interest and gathered around. I made sure to remain professional, as getting the shot is key, lol. It’s the kind of shoot location that would be a photographer’s dream. It has beautiful huge windows that captures the sunset making for the most wonderful lighting. I am very certain we will be revisiting it to spend more cosy times there. LET'S HAVE A VERY FRUITY PICNIC IN WINTER

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  • Thanks dear. Always lovely to see you here. Cheers to a wonderful year ahead.

  • Thanks Ruthie. I’m glad we connected x

  • Yara Mel Rozaay

    Gosh I can’t believe there was people around peeping everything haha Kudos to you to keep playing the part.
    Photos turned out great as always. I’m SO proud of you guys. Your work is so so unique and much success awaits.
    Can’t wait to see more from you in 2018 🙂


  • Ruthie Ridley

    You take the most magical photos! I have enjoyed following this beautiful blog the past two years!!