November 12, 2017

This travel post is coming to you with love from London. Each time we visit London, we’re always in awe of how beautiful the city is. It makes for a nice city break away from Manchester which I can say is very similar to London without the hustle and bustle which can sometimes be draining especially if you live there. Funny enough, the latter is what most of my friends who live in London love about the city. We arrived in London this time to enjoy a short weekend break where Craig got to attend a concert at the Royal Albert Hall by one of his all time favourite composers. We stayed at the Green Rooms Hotel, an arts hotel that fit right with our aesthetics. Hence why we didn’t miss a chance to take a self portrait.

We did a lot of walking as that’s how we tend to discover hidden gems. We didn’t fail to go on the tube too every now and again as we always enjoy a ride on the underground. This time we found a CD on a chair left behind by an artist with the words “THIS IS MY ART. TAKE ME. GIVE ME. FIND ME. LEAVE ME…”. I of course opted to take it which turned out to be a good decision as I can’t stop listening to his song titled Last Page. His name is Sam Way.

I got a chance to spend some time with my friend, Simi. We talked out the blogger lifestyle and had some really positive brainstorming sessions. It’s always good to be in the company of folks who get what you do. As we didn’t get a chance to do our usual coffee diaries series, so we decided to stop for coffee just before catching our train back to Manchester. We ended up at TAP Coffee, which was 15 minutes walk from Euston Station. There we enjoyed a nice cuppa in what looked like an American cafe. Afterwards, we headed to the train station where our train was delayed for at least 3 hours. We had to find alternative routes back home. Still, we had the most amazing time and look forward to visiting again. To see what we got up to, be sure to catch up on our latest vlog.WITH LOVE FROM LONDONTAP Coffee London***If you want to edit like me, you can! Get my Lightroom preset or grab a copy of my eBook here.***

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  • Chi-Chi

    Love your pics and blog! i hope you got to check out the shops around where your hotel was; it was one of my frequent haunts during my secondary school days!!

    Glad you had a great time in my hometown! x


  • Blvck Bee

    Love the shots! Looks like you had a great time

    Blvck Bee