September 17, 2017

Hey friends! I hope this blog posts finds you in good spirit. As per usual, I’m here with another week in black and white post. I’m actually typing this up while watching the move “Inside Out” which came highly recommended by a good friend. I feel like a lot has happened in the past week. Mostly having to meet campaign deadlines while still trying to keep up with the blog and social media. I didn’t even have time to vlog as much as I was buried into my work. But you know what life is like, you have to learn to priorities and get on with it. And soon enough you’ll catch a break. Well, the truth is I think I might have scored one amidst my struggles. Something major happened which will help push the blog forward even more so. Craig has decided to join the blog full time. So what does this mean? This means that we can do more shoots, travel on a whim and sleep and eat whenever we want to, lol. This is really exciting news especially for me because Craig has over the years mastered his shooting techniques even in the little time we did shoot. Imagine the potential of creating quality content while spending more time doing it. Plus we get to spend extra time together and bring our ideas to life.

Now I do feel like the pressure is on. The pressure to make sure we get it right for the most part cause we’re human and allowed some errors, lol. But seriously speaking, it is something we’ll need to think about carefully and strategise on and hopefully we’ll get the results we set out to achieve. There’s so much to still discover about life and I want to find a way to share our discoveries with you. Perhaps it’ll inspire you to go after the things you’ve always wanted to do. But in the meantime, my new mantra is “let’s live life in the moment, freely!”.

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  • Your first statement cracked me up, lol!

  • Oh hey cheeky miss no pants there! As usual, I love these shots and what a great mantra. I’m with you there!

    Samio xxx

  • Thanks Sweetie. I love how you’ve been a part of this journey. Looking forward to sharing in your successes too x

  • Thanks girl! Really appreciate all your support x

  • so psyched to bump on your space!!! love your work!!

  • First, the title attracted me: Something i deeply believe in!!
    Then the good news!! Congratulations to you both!! It is soooo inspiring the way you have been living and evolving!
    I can’t wait to see what you guys have in store for us!
    Wish you Success and Blessings abundantly☀