September 15, 2017

I’ll be sharing more of our home on the blog which will be a very warm space as you can tell by the image colour grading. Starting of is our living room which happens to have an open plan design that also connects the kitchen. Over the next coming months we hope to add new items and will showcase these pieces on the blog. I’m a strong believer in a home having a very personal feel to it. I love how almost every item has a story. We bought torn pages from a book that contained initials of our last name from the flee market in Manchester and put it in a frame.Craig seems to have a weird obsession for skulls. We have three scattered around this space.Some trinkets from our wedding and gifts from Craig’s mum sent from the Netherlands I remember when I ordered the house plants to surprise Craig but checked out with his Amazon account which ruined the surprise, lol. I love anything that has to do with the sea like anchors. I’ve always dreamt of living in a white house by the beach. Craig is into reading, me, not so much. I do use Audible though. We picked up this vintage camera from an antique store in Nottingham when we attended my brother’s graduation. This is the kitchen space where a lot of cooking in the oven takes place. I love a good breakfast tea with a slice of lemon. We tend to make our guests feels welcomed by having their names on the chalkboard after the word “welcome”. This door leads to our balcony which is one of the first space we decorated. It holds our remaining confetti from the wedding. I’ve always had a thing for pink and peonies. The balcony does take a life of its own.This is my very first bike which I bought one winter evening in 2016 not knowing how to ride it. Craig managed to teach me to ride and I have a video to prove it.

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  • You’re such a beautiful sweet soul. Thank you for your continuous support x

  • Thanks girl. Always love seeing you here x

  • Aaah!💓
    Love your place, its energy and also the fact that even tiny touches have a story…
    You’re an absolute fairy 🌸

  • the_odditty

    I love how through this post you brought me into your home. It’s delightful and warm and beautiful. Love, your biggest fan!

  • Yes, you’re right. Thanks for stopping by x

  • Eve Chok

    I love the decor you guys have! I think a warm feeling is best for the home- and there’s a very solid sense of character there 🙂

    Eve | http://www.critiquesofacritic.com