August 29, 2017

I’m a strong believer in using your mind to create the things you want. Recently, I’ve been craving a beach holiday almost every passing day. Let’s just say scrolling through the feed of other travel bloggers ins’t helping as well, lol. I’ve had this swimsuit for a couple of months now and haven’t had to chance to wear it cause all I could think of was wearing it on the beach, at least not until yesterday. While doing one of my weekly tasks which happens to be watering my plants, I decided to turn it into a summer vacation. I’m currently working on transforming my bedroom into a jungle. I managed to keep most of the plants alive but ideally I need more to achieve the look I’m going for. Since my bedroom is where I spend most of my time working and getting creative, I thought it best to let nature in.

To create the mood, I ripped out pages from an old book titled “Make Life Beautiful” (which I thought fit with the message of creating beautiful memories) and spread them on the floor. I got some of my plants together to get the feeling of being outdoors. I pulled together some summer appropriate items. The first was a postcard of a beach and palm tree which I got over the weekend from Paperchase. Since my set up was by the window, the sunnies came out too and so did my straw hat. I always take my camera everywhere I go so it had to make an appearance too. Thanks to my recent campaign with Bacardi, I was able to spring up a homemade mojito to get this holiday going. It really felt like I was somewhere exotic and all it took was my mind. Sometimes we have to reach within for the things we want without. Life could be the dreams we have and that is something worth holding on to. Imagine if you could dream of a beautiful life and live that beautiful life. That’s why I choose to be a dreamer. Welcome to “Onyi Island” is what I say. Hopefully my next travel posts comes from a very sunny island just like I’ve dreamed it.

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  • the swimsuit!! goals love

  • Thanks girl! xxx

  • Aw I love this and I love that swimsuit too!

    Samio xxx

  • Thanks dear. Hope you had an amazing time in Lisbon ☀️

  • Thanks girl. Really looking forward to another vacation 🌴🌴🌴

  • Chi-Chi

    Your pics are amazing Onyi!

    Hopefully another holiday is on the horizon!! x


  • Yara Mel Rozaay

    Hope you can get your vacation on soon! Loved Onyi Island…good vibes only !


  • Thanks girl! You’re too kind 😘♥️♥️♥️

  • the_odditty

    How are you so amazing! The thought in this post, the imagery, the formulation…. all so stunning! Keep it up love!