July 23, 2017

I’m currently suffering from travel withdrawal syndrome after visiting four countries in a space of two months. I’m itching to plan another vacation. Perhaps something much more exotic like Spain or Morocco. In the meantime, I decided to explore more of Manchester to see what it has to offer. Having always resided around the city centre, my knowledge of other areas seem very little. Doing what I do best, I decided to put in a quick search on Google Images for Manchester gardens and I was amazed at what I saw. The funny thing is that while growing up, I was never into nature. Somehow I’ve come to love it and have this need to explore it. Parsonage Gardens located in Didsbury village caught my eyes. With palm trees and dropping trees that made for the perfect exotic holiday illusion, I knew I had to visit it. Looking at the weather forecast, it was full of sunshine and a nice warm temperature.

To keep up with the flavour, I threw on a stripe co-ord. I’ve subconsciously become obsessed with stripes. The frills and layers on the top did give it that Spanish dancer look. The slit on the skirt made it a sexy feel. My white EGO espadrille was the obvious pair of shoes to compliment this outfit. The crochet on it gives it that boho look which I’m always down for. Coupled with a rattan bag and straw hat, I was ready to take over this jungle, lol. After walking the grounds of this garden which also connected to Fletcher Moss Garden, it was time to break for some food. Still sticking to the theme, nachos and olives were a must have. All in all, this day out turned out to be a wonderful experience. Just another example of how you can make the most of what you have. Until my next holiday, I look forward to finding me hidden treasures in Manchester. ***If you want to edit like me, you can! Grab a copy of my eBook here.***

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