June 1, 2017

I’m so excited to share with you our wonderful journey through this white painted paradise that is Mykonos. I can’t describe enough how beautiful this Greek Island is. I’ve been dreaming of visiting for a year now ever since I came across pictures of it on Instagram. After doing some digging I quickly realised it was a party spot and wanted to avoid the party season (which is usually in summer) so we booked our visit for Spring which was perfect as we got to experience loads of sunshine without lots of crowd. We both weren’t disappointed when we arrived. It felt like something out of a story book. Whenever I dream of heaven, I see streets paved in gold and rays of sunshine. If there were ever to be a white heaven, I would like to think it might just be Mykonos. We came across so many folks repainting their walls and street floors white. What I also loved about it was how they understood complimentary colours which was evident across the Island. It was almost as if nature also grasp this concept. The blue skies, flattering sunshine and what appeared to be desaturated trees made this Island very picturesque which made for some great Instagram feed.


We stayed in what was classed as the city which was quite small. We walked on foot as we are use to back home. The airport was 45 minutes walk away from the city. There are taxi services which you can also make use of. We took a ride in one when heading to the airport to catch our flight back home at a cost of €13. There are buses that can take you to other parts of the Island but we didn’t hop on one which found us walking for 4 hours when we decided to look around the Island. For us, there was more exciting stuff in the city than there was outside of it so bear that in mind if you do decide to wander off like we did.


It’ll be fair to mention at this point that we found the Island expensive quite earlier on in our holiday. Lucky for us, we discovered a food spot that sold Greek Pitas for €3.50 each and that became our go to place. We did notice that we weren’t the only ones trying to save on food as a lot of restaurants weren’t always full of folks dining which would explain why more of them if not all had someone standing in front of the entrance in an attempt to drive some traffic into their restaurants. There were lots of coffee shops too which seemed reasonably priced and always came with complimentary wifi which is good if you’re trying to save on data usage.

The People

The residents of the Island were very polite and modest people. I really did like that about them. Everyone had time to engage with you and it did make us feel at home. Craig came across a street musician originally from Germany named Bernard who said he travels around the world to play his music but always finds himself back in Mykonos because of how lovely the people are. Almost everyone we encountered could speak and understand English which made it easy for us to navigate our way across the Island. The residents also appear very trusting as we did come across shops which were closed for business but had their doors open which meant anyone could walk in and walk out. This did give us a sense of the city being safe.                  

Places to visit

The beach front is where you want to be walking along as thats were all the magic is. You get to see boats on the dock, cruise ships in the sea and sunbathe while at it. You’ll come across a place called Little Venice because of how the waves hits the houses next to the water. Further up you’ll see the windmills that compliment the Island so beautifully. There are a number of museums located within the city and you have to keep your eyes open so you don’t miss them. One thing you don’t have to look out for is Churches as there are a lot of them. A local told us there were over 70 Churches in Mykonos. Most of them built and maintained by family members in memory of a loved one. They all seemed quite small and we never came across a priest or any service taking place in the ones we visited but there were always candles lighted.


The Greeks have a lot of traditions so it wasn’t a surprise when we immediately spotted one in Mykonos. We noticed almost every house and shop had wreaths or flowers hanging in front of their doors and my curiosity got me asking why is that. I was told by a lady in the museum that it was a tradition in Mykonos to mark the start of Spring where they hang dried flowers on their doors on the first day of May. And after a year goes by, they burn it. The wreaths were so beautiful which meant I had to get myself one to hang back home in England. Unfortunately, it never made it back with me as I forgot it while heading to the airport in a hurry.

All in all, we had a wonderful time in this Greek Island. This has been one of my favourite holidays and I’m certainly looking forward to visiting again.

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  • Thanks dear. We had an amazing time shooting there 💙💙💙

  • Yes it does have quite the party hard reputation. I can barely keep up with social gatherings let alone parties 😂😂😂. Thanks for reading as always. Let me know how it goes for you when you visit 💙💙💙

  • Chi-Chi

    Amazing pics Onyi; loved seeing them on your instagram page! Mykonos is definitely has a hardcore party reputation, but you have captured the calm side of the island and its beauty! I would like to visit the island in the future.

    You and Craig look amazing! x

  • Yara Mel Rozaay

    Yaayyy so many photos. They’re so guys did a great job ! Can’t wait for the venice post ! 😉