June 4, 2017

Off the shoulder pieces are my go to favourites this season. I didn’t know how much I actually wore them until a fellow blogger called me the queen of off the shoulder outfits. It didn’t take long for me to realise that I might have an obsession with anything off the shoulder. Sometimes I even find myself forcing some of my outfits to be off the shoulder. Thinking about it, it might boil down to showing some shoulder and neck. Two things that can add elegance to any look. It’s no wonder I’m subconsciously drawn to off the shoulder pieces. It has really got me thinking about sharing more of my style on my Youtube channel. I’m thinking of a style plan and I intend to work on it. Watch out folks!

In the spirit of embracing my off the shoulder queen title, I’m wearing a denim dress which are so in season as I’ve come across them in a number of high street brands. This one is by Misspap. Keeping it casual and chic, I’m wearing some comfy trainers adorned with embroidery. One of which has the symbol of Manchester; the worker bee. I like to think that I’m a free spirit hence my bohemian rings touch to compliment the look. I got these pieces from Bohomoon, a store I discovered online the other day on google when I typed in bohemian rings UK. They have quite the collection when in comes to Boho accessories. I think this look will work a carefree chilled day. What are some of the pieces you’re loving this season?

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