May 3, 2017

Where do I begin? Apologies for the absence of a black and white piece last week. I’ve been recovering from all the travelling and catching up on work. Abuja was great. Although it did feel like I enjoyed the village a bit more at first. I and Craig got loads of practice babysitting for my sister. I think we’re more than ready for kids now after this. We enjoyed spending the week with family and eating really good food. At the top of our list was Suya. Having a resident “Suya Man” (that’s what his sign actually says) literally behind our house, we consumed it as much as we could. For those wondering what this delicacy is check out my previous blog post where I share more.

It was great to be back to the city where I was born. We went on walks in the street where I grew up which is where my family still resides. It was very nostalgic to say the least. I tried my best to explore more of Abuja than I did when I lived there. I found the huts and cultural artefacts much more interesting than the modern day architecture depicted in the city. As our time was limited, we didn’t get to visit Kaduna where we were hoping to spend some time at Kajuru Castle. A place we plan to factor in during our next visit. The mosquitoes were quite friendly to me and didn’t bother me one bit. Although I can’t say the same for Craig as he got a well deserved welcome after being covered in what I’ll describe a “mosquito tattoo” lol. There was so much sunshine that made me sweat all the time but I loved every bit of it especially when comparing it to the ever dull UK weather. When it came to the end of our trip, we said our goodbyes and returned to Manchester to what would seem like winter in December. It was hard not to miss Nigeria. Going back to work was also a struggle but it had to be done.

In the last few weeks I’ve lost two family members. The first was my cousin and more recently on Friday was my aunty. It’s been a gentle reminder for me live life to the fullest. Doing the things I love and more importantly with the people I love. It’s hard not to accept things for what they are. But I’m a strong believer that there’s always something good that comes out of a bad situation. Only time will tell. I urge everyone reading this to disregard the voices that hinder you from living the life you want with the people you want and give life to everyone and everything that makes you happy.

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