Revolución de Cuba Manchester

April 1, 2017

Revolución de Cuba Manchester is where we found ourselves this lovely Saturday afternoon while on the look out for where to eat just before our usual scheduled shoots. We’ve gone past it quite a few times and have even made use of their outdoor sitting for a photoshoot on two occasions as it looked dreamy. We can’t seem to answer the question as to why we never stepped in for a meal prior to today. Revolución de Cuba as you can tell by the name, is a Cuban restaurant located in the heart of Manchester City Centre. The first thing that is obvious about this restaurant is the lovely decoration which can be seen both indoors and outdoors. The outdoor sitting consists of benches surrounded by plants. As soon as you step indoors, you begin to see items that almost reminds you of Cuba if you’ve been or the Cuba you’ve seen in the TV show Narcos if you’re like me.

When we arrived we were given options as to where to sit and we opted to sit in front of the band who were nowhere to be seen at the time. Playing it safe, I went for the Caribbean Chicken Curry which came with a side of rice while Craig had some tasty Enchiladas (some of which I ended up nicking) accompanied with a side of rice and beans. I had fresh pineapple juice to drink with no ice (so I can get my money’s worth, lol) and Craig had some coca cola with ice. The restaurant was packed with people, food, drinks and Cuban music emanating from the speakers. It didn’t take long for the band to get on stage to perform live. I was tucking into my food and enjoying the music until the theme tune for Narcos came up. I quickly put down my cutlery, grabbed my phone and began to record it. Everything in that moment made me think of going back home after the meal to re-watch NarcosWe had an amazing time and the whole experience cost us circa £25. It is a spot I’ll definitely recommend you go to at least once. I’m pretty sure they’ll be seeing me soon, again. Revolution De CubaRevolution De Cuba Manchester

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  • Yes, it does look really lovely. Do share your experience if you happen to go when next you’re here x

  • This place looks so lovely! The atmosphere looks great especially with the band! Next time I’m in Manchester I’ll see if I can find it, Cuban restaurants are always sooo good! x

    |Georgia Megan|

  • Thanks dear. It tasted good too. If you ever find yourself in Manchester it’s a place worth dining at 🥘

  • The food looks so good! I love all the photos!