April 5, 2017

It’s Pinko love! Still on the subject of spring, light colours and layers are definitely in season. Believe it or not, pink happens to be one of my favourite colours. Dusty pink, to be precise. My balcony is full of fake peonies which Craig thinks is a bit over the top but not for someone like me, lol. Staying true to my love for pink and sporty nature by walking almost everywhere, I styled two pieces from the Pinko Athleisure Collection which is super sporty chic.

The first piece I went for was the double fabric coat. I love how soft it feels and how it hangs so gracefully. Almost made me feel like dancing, hence my moves in most of these shots. You can transition from sporty chic to rock chic (a look I’ll probably style and share) in this beautiful coat. Your options as to how to style it are vast which is why I went for it. A piece you’ll probably see again and again on my feed. The second item I opted for was a waterproof micro-ripstop jacket which is fitting for the ever rainy Manchester weather. Again, another piece I will definite make good use of while looking stylish. With adjustable straps that change the shape, you can always play around with it depending on your outfit. It feels very light and free which also got me showing a move of two.

Pinko Love

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