April 8, 2017

Netflix and chill is a phrase you’ve probably heard of especially as folks take turns on twitter using it as innuendos to describe a moment in a relationship. A lot of times Netflix and chill isn’t done in the company of others. I find myself doing this (not very often) when I’ve got a day off work. Thinking about work is the very last thing on my mind. On days like these, a distraction from the norm seems more appropriate. I usually wake up around the same time I always do, instead of getting out of bed, I reach for my phone. Going through emails and notifications, I somehow find myself caught in work again. So I change my strategy. I ring family and friends and catch up with those I manage to get a hold of. You’ll find that when you’re free to engage with others, they’re not always free to do the same. Enjoying time in your company will be something you’ll have to learn to love.

Finding the word for the day using my Bible app and meditating on it sets the tone for the rest of my day. Getting out of bed in my pjs (a t-shirt and tights), I walk straight into the kitchen cause I’m starving at this point. I have a light breakfast (toast and a cuppa with some yoghurt) and then go through the Netflix app to find something that will keep me very distracted and perhaps inspired for the rest of the day. Once I find a show, I begin the process of making myself a nice filling lunch. My go to meal is a roast dinner. I pop the chicken in the oven and then look around for some light snacks and drinks to engage my mouth  while watching my newly discovered show. On this occasion, some snack a jacks and strawberries were perfect for the mood. And if there’s wine around (which there rarely is), half a glass will do just fine. The show this time was “The Crown”. I found myself engrossed in it as I tried to understand how duty to family and country can sometimes conflict but the crown always wins. Tough concept to deal with, one I hope I never find myself in. How do you Netflix and chill?

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