April 4, 2017

I’m losing my mind, or at least I think I am. This past week has been very stressful for me compared to other weeks in 2017. Where to begin? I’ve kept to my schedule of rising early to make the most of the day but I’ve been pushing it with the amount of sleep I’ve been getting. It’s not bad overall, it’s at least six hours sleep a day. I’m trying to get organised but have faced quite a few obstacles with other matters arising like being on the phone for over two hours to customer service trying to request additional information from a service provider or having to step up and fulfil other obligations that I’ve committed to like giving my time to others for very good reasons. I promise to go into more details once I’ve cleared my head a bit more this week and gotten extra hours of sleep.

I actually stuck to my plan and made a daily list of things to do at the start of my day and tried to tick them off. I did fall short on a few but that was due to the issues I sort of touched on in the first paragraph. I think the way I’ll have to approach this organisation is by allocating a time slot for each task and try and stick with it. This should help keep things on track. There are bound to be lessons learnt when one takes on a new adventure such as getting organised, lol. The obvious one here is to take life easy. Sometimes we make all these grandiose plans and then life happens and halts all operations. We just have to stop and address it then move on with the knowledge we’ve gained. What was lovely to see was how my friends and Craig found a way to cheer me on even without being deliberate. I got sent links to inspirational videos, positive materials and even memes which made every bit of this stressful week a lot better. It’s good to have a great source of support but sometimes it’s not always there but the one place I’m sure to find it is in seeking the word of God. I reached for it as it always brings me comfort no matter my situation.

Lying in bed at what seems to me a little over half past twelve midnight typing up this post on my iPhone (as I always do when trying to keep up with scheduled posts) doesn’t exactly help my sleeping pattern. So let’s call it a night here. I hope your week has been miles better than mine. If not, cheers to a fantastic week ahead.


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  • Thanks for the advice. It’s really helped not looking at a screen before going to sleep. I took some time off work and have been sleeping a lot more 😊

  • I love your black and white photography! And if you do feel a bit off or have sleeping problem then you should take a break! Dun play with your phone 30 mins before bed!

    xx Margaret

  • Well said Berry. I hope your week ends on a better note. Thanks for your kind words as always 💙🌸💙

  • That’s just life, innit? You make well-intentioned plans, and sometimes not everything goes the way you expect. It’s just a part of life. As long as you don’t beat yourself up too much about it, and keep going on. You can always shift some of your tasks to a later date, and also make rest day plans, so you don’t go crazy.

    I’m not having the best week either, even though it started on a very high note, but like you said, spending time with God just makes everything better.

    Hold on!