My Week In Black And White: Manchester Bloggers Hangout

March 20, 2017

We’re on number thirteen!!! This week has been epic thanks to the Manchester bloggers hangout. But first things first. I got to go to London for the launch of Own The Look which is a one stop site where you can shop a complete look, hence the name.  The train journey was long and I was all by myself which would have made for a dull trip except that it was a really warm day. Arriving at the penthouse apartment where the event was taking place, I was flawed with how breathtaking the view and everything was. There were loads of bloggers and it sometimes felt overwhelming as I wasn’t used to the London crowd. Anyone who really knows me knows that I’m a bit (I mean VERY) awkward in social settings. I did try a few times to engage other bloggers but they all seemed to know each other and wouldn’t really reciprocate the gesture which made things even more awkward. Thankfully I had my closest friend with me, my camera, lol. So I began taking pictures and shooting videos and after a while I looked like I was part of the camera crew. The whole experience made me miss Manchester a lot and I couldn’t wait to hit the road back even though I did enjoy a pamper session with loads of good food and drinks.

There was much to look forward to as my girl Samio had arranged for a mini Manchester bloggers hangout. It was myself, Samio from, Loreal from, Rosie from and Lauren from We had a wonderful time chatting over breakfast and sharing stories and blogging tips. Each time I find myself in the company of similar bloggers, I always feel at home. We all get each other’s obsession with wanting to get the shot and it’s just beautiful to see how we try to support one another through encouragement and sharing ideas and knowledge that help us grow. I always feel better for it after these meet ups and we think it’ll become a regular thing. It is something I’ll encourage other bloggers to do as you’ll get a lot from it. I later found out that Samio was also in London at the time I attended the Own The Look event and a call to her would have meant we both would have had a blast at the event. The truth of the matter is I meant to ring her on the morning of the event to ask if she was attending but got caught up with work and forgot. Let’s just say I’ll definitely be checking in next time.

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  • Yes, Manchester bloggers take over London. Maybe we should all do a girls trip to London 💙🌸💙

  • Yay to the through the window shots! Love how you captured these moments. It was such a fun Sunday! And I can’t believe we’ve both been in London at the same time on two separate occasions now. The third time round we’ll definitely have to meet up! Manchester bloggers unite in London! 😆💜🌸

    Samio xx