March 7, 2017

This past week had me knocked out after I caught a really bad cold. My symptoms ranged from catarrh to sore throat, to having a fever and headache caused as a result of some very aggressive sneezes, lol. It was evident that I needed to rest so I took a few days off taking care of my body and drinking loads of beecham which made me for the most part quite drowsy. Needless to say, it was a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of life in general. I couldn’t keep up with my blog and social media schedules and that didn’t kill me, yep. It goes to show that life goes on even when you might not seem so present and it’ll all be there (at least most of it) when you return.

I used my time in bed to catch up on a couple of TV shows I love but lately hadn’t found the time to watch. The first marathon being Nashville, an absolute favourite of mine which comes with music and singing that resonates with my every being. Not to mention the tangled love stories that make lovers yearn for a happy ending. Only that this season has already seen a few hearts broken, including mine. Moving on to a show I’d describe as having dark humour, Bates Motel had me laughing at Norman’s antics which helped ease my headache.

Not having my voice meant I couldn’t talk much. So after drowning myself in TV shows, I was inspired to make a vlog in the form of a short film once I had somewhat recuperated. I have now decided that all my vlogs will be short films. My first short film is titled “A Wet Day” which you watch in this post or via my youtube channel. I wasn’t quite sure what I was aiming for with it. I set about filming short clips and once it came to post production I decided to find the music first and let it dictate the edit as I have heard a couple filmmakers say “edit to the music”. It turned out to be a brilliant idea as a beautiful story unfolded. I thoroughly enjoyed making it and I’m looking forward to a full recovery and going back to doing all the things I love doing.

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  • The is Wonders by Sebastian Forslund feat. Tommy Ljungberg.

    Thanks for reading as always. And yes, I feel much better now ♥️

  • Awww, that was such a pretty video! Who’s the song by?

    I hope you feel better now!