Styling A Leather Watch

March 11, 2017

Styling a leather watch is not something I’ve had to do very often as my go to watch has been the Elie Beaumont Oxford Mesh which tends to work with most if not all of my outfits. It happens to be my favourite piece of accessory. When going through their latest collection, I came across the Richmond style and immediately fell in love with it. The marble detail was what had me. And seeing I love the blue denim look, I decided to opt for the Navy Nappa leather strap which I know I’ll make the most of as I own quite a few blue denim pieces. I’d advise that you take the same approach when buying any accessory. Mentally go through your current wardrobe to see how it plays into your outfits. You never want the accessory to drive a whole new wardrobe but rather compliment your existing wardrobe. In doing so, you not only save a few bucks but also means you’ve invested a piece that you’ll wear more often.

I absolutely love the weekends as that’s when I get to settle into the pieces I love. Which always tend to be very casual and comfy. I’m sure I’m not the only one who likes to snuggle into something that makes us feel a lot more like ourselves. Styling my new leather watch was definitely a must. And what better place to begin than with the classic ripped denim that inspired my choice. Paired with other accessories, an oversized grey t-shirt which made for the perfect knot, my go to walk about sneakers and my husband’s cardigan, the look was complete. All I needed was a cosy spot to relax and go through Elle UK for some more casual style inspiration. Styling A Leather Watch in collaboration with Elie Beaumont.

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  • Thanks. I really appreciate your kind words 💙

  • Thanks. I love it too 💙

  • merel

    This watch is amazing! love it <3

    X Merel

  • Mes Voyages à Paris

    Nice photos! In love with all the details! Relaly gorgeous!
    Mónica Sors

  • I’ve actually seen people combined the Nike fuel band and a watch which looks kinda cool. Thanks for reading. Let me know which of the Elie collection you end up going for cause you’ll be spoilt for choice ♥️

  • Chi-Chi

    the watch is really stylish. I’m currently using a nike fuelband as a watch, though i suspect it’s about time i got myself something more ladylike and professional like the Beaumont Watch!

    Chi-Chi |