Stretched Collar Shirt

March 9, 2017

I believe it takes a lot of confidence in ones self to be able to show support and love to others. Speaking of which, yesterday was international women’s day and it was so refreshing to see the overwhelming support for women by other women. It’s very obvious that women these days are more interested in supporting and celebrating other women. I’ve seen it a lot in the blogging community as I was welcomed by other bloggers who shared valuable knowledge with me that has helped further my blog. And today, these women continue to remain supportive and celebrate each other which is beautiful to see. Gone are the days when women saw competing with each other as the only option. Coming together as a unit to achieve life changing record goals has fostered the spirit of collaboration. Which brings me to today’s blog post. A collaboration with Lola Mattei, an up and coming clothing brand specialising in prints.

This stretched collar shirt is the perfect statement piece for the confident woman. It’s great for work and can also transition to a casual look. Not to mention, I felt gone with the wind fabulous (in the words of Kenya Moore) while wearing it. To shop the stretched collar shirt click here. Let’s keep the momentum going and keep on celebrating one another. Happy International Women’s Day.

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