likemary; Styling A Scarf

March 17, 2017

Styling a scarf is a definite must this spring especially since the weather can’t seem to make it’s mind up on what season it is. One moment it’s all hot sunny and the next it’s all dull and cold. The latter being the most experienced. A scarf would be the perfect accessory to always have handy as you can take it off when it gets too warm or wrap it around you for some comfort when it gets cold. Sometimes I find it a good cover against drizzles. If you live in Manchester you’ll know that this is how we experience rain; very light showers for an extended period of time. As I’ve said before, when picking out an accessory, you want it to compliment your current wardrobe rather than inspire a whole new wardrobe. Going through your current pieces and seeing how an accessory plays into it would give you a better idea of which style and colour pallets to go for. In my case, seeing that I intend to get the most out of my pieces, an almost everyday style was the way to go.

I’ve always used a poncho in place of a scarf which works great in really cold winter months but it’s still not the same as a scarf. You know what they say, “when you need salt, sugar won’t do”. So when I got a chance to style one by likemary (who specialise in fairtrade , handwoven and uniquely designed scarves that are reasonably priced considering they’re slow fashion and 100% merino), I opted for the 200 x 100cm Shoreditch Merino Wool Shawl and Oversize Scarf in black which also has some grey details. On this particular day it was quite cold so layering was the best way to go. Wearing a long sleeve detailed denim top and a loosed black velvet jumpsuit, paired with baby blue mule, the scarf was the final piece to serve ultimate comfort. In collaboration with likemary.

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