How To Care For Your Garments

March 5, 2017

Today, I’m sharing how to to care for your garments using Verve. In a previous post I shared how I like to wash my clothes by hand if I can help it as it gives the best results compared to other methods I’ve tried. Being the type of person that likes to get the most use out of an item, caring for my garments is quite important. I got the opportunity to try out the Verve Collection which comes with non bio capsules, fabric refresh spray, fabric conditioner and fabric serum. To test the products, I read the instructions carefully and decided to machine wash one of my favourite tops which I’ve washed by hand in the past for fear of shrinking the bow and losing it’s details. I used one detergent capsule together with 10ml of the fabric serum and 15ml of the fabric conditioner. To my surprise, my top came out silky smooth without any shrinkage to it. Once ironed, it looked just as good as new.

The next test was on a pair of jeans that I probably wore for the most part of 2016. After watching a documentary on denim where the CEO of Levi’s® shared that the best way to care for denim is by not washing it and suggested a fabric spray would do a better job of preserving it, I decided to give it a go. I haven’t washed these jeans since owning them so they were the best pair to try the Verve fabric spray on. As instructed, I sprayed the jeans from a distance of 30cm and allowed to dry. The result; It smelt and felt like it had just been washed. I’m now looking forward to using it on my other denim pieces. The Verve Collection is something I’ll definitely recommend and it comes fully packed with everything you need to care for your favourite garments.
How To Care For Your Garments has been sponsored by Verve.

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