Denim on Denim and A Hat

March 1, 2017

Been loving the rock chic vibes as of late. Discovering my sense of style is something that has taken me some time. However, the one thing that I seemed pretty sure of was comfort. It took a lot of experimenting over a period of time and getting to know the pieces I most felt comfortable in. Denim, being one of them. If it was possible for me to wear it on a daily basis, I would. It’s no wonder why I take every opportunity I can to wear denim for a blog post.  One of the ways I found to style pieces was by recreating looks shared on shopping sites like ASOS, Missguided etc. You know when you see a model look good in an outfit and you immediately picture yourself looking like that? Well, that’s enough to convince me to try a look, lol. In most cases, it works out and in others probably not so much. But the more you get to try out different pieces, the more you start to get a feel for what YOU find flattering on YOU. I emphasise the word YOU because not everyone might agree with your style choice, but that’s okay as long as YOU are happy representing a style that is all YOU.

In the past I’ve been a little modest when styling denim on denim by going for the same match colours like in My Valentine blog post which is for the most part safe. Still in the spirit of experimenting  and sticking with comfort, I decided to pair my usual skinny black jeans with a grey oversized denim top that had string details at the back which made for the perfect bow. Together with my rocker studded boots, the only thing that was missing was a matching studded fedora hat to complete my rock chic look. As the wind blew quite strongly, my faux feather coat was the perfect cover. A look I’d like to describe as “Juju Queen”. Let me know what you make if this look and share your thoughts on styling denim on denim.
Denim on denim and a hat.

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