Chill Time

March 18, 2017

Chill time is one of my favourite pastime. I wish life could always be easy breezy but adulting means that is never the case. Responsibilities and more responsibilities seems to be the way of life. But when I get a chance to break from it all, either by choice or forced by certain occurrences, I find I can breath easy. And you know what? Nothing breaks too. It becomes quite obvious that perception plays a role in the way we see life. Go go go is all I see most times. But in the rare quiet moments, it is there I find my peace. The clear space to be free of all my responsibilities and sometimes dream of greatness with the latter being somewhat counterintuitive as Ben Parker put it; with great power comes great responsibility. It might seem there is no escaping life as I know it. However, I am making a point of it to be more deliberate about finding time to stop and breath. I usually tend to do this on a daily basis just before heading to bed. Somedays it works, and on days when I’m knackered, let’s just say you’ll find me passed out. And on the weekends, I try to make coffee time chill time.

I start off by wandering round the city looking to find a quiet coffee spot which usually drives Craig crazy cause I’m quite picky about the lighting situation. Finding one in the winter has been fairly easy especially in the mornings when most folks are trying to have a lie in. Sometimes it’s packed inside and outdoors seems to be the best spot especially for photography but not so great when it gets really cold. On this occasion, we were prepared. Armed with layers and other accessories to help keep warm, we spotted an outdoor coffee shop good enough for chill time. The look was rock chic; dressed in grey knit, skinny jeans and my matching studded boots and hat. Chill time, my time.

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  • Thanks. You’re too kind x

  • Daiana Abagnale

    So in love with this shooting. Amazing colors, amazing outfit and you! Everything is perfect 🙂
    With love,

  • You should go ahead and grab yourself one. Although I wouldn’t advise it at this hour, lol. Thanks for your kind words as always x

  • And now I feel like having a frappe :p

    You guys’ photography is always such a delight to look at.

  • Haha, I know exactly what you mean. I guess they must really enjoy your company. Thanks for stopping by x

  • This looks like such a cute coffee shop! I’m always that annoying friend that needs to go to a cute coffee shop with good lighting and nice looking tables to take pictures on, I’m surprised my friends even ask me out for coffee anymore! Gorgeous outfit x

    |Georgia Megan|

  • Thanks dear 💙🌸💙

  • Love this post Onyi. ☕️

    Samio x

  • Thanks dear 💙💙💙

  • Belle melange

    Gorgeous photos! Love this look!