Bohemian Nigerian

March 30, 2017

That’s it! I’ve finally discovered my style after a lot of experimenting. I mean it this time, lol. The sun came out and I was totally feeling myself. In fact, just call me the bohemian Nigerian. That’s right, you heard me. A new sheriff is in town and she’s gone a bit hat crazy. After seeing the outcome of this shoot I’ve decided fedoras are my thing. Just like the mad hatter I’ve gone crazy looking for hats that scream my new name; bohemian Nigerian! I spent at least two hours yesterday trying to find another perfect one just like this but to no avail. These are precious hours I’ll never get back! At this point in time I might be “the coo coo hatter”. Lord help me! Counting down to my trip to Nigeria (which is less than two weeks away) is giving me so much excitement cause hats will be required to slay in all that sunshine. Enough of my ramblings. Let’s get right into this outfit.

Feeling inspired by the juicy sunshine over the weekend a hat to protect my forehead from the sun was a definite must. Of course I reached for my only pair. It got me thinking, boho girl. Then I layered two chokers and threw on a black velvet off shoulder top to show them off. My ripped mom jeans couldn’t do a runner from me at this point. Paired with my baby blue mule and a very old cross bag, your girl was ready to strike some poses in Manchester. What say ye? Bohemian Nigerian or not?

bohemian nigerian

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