The Blues

February 3, 2017

It was relatively cold last week which meant that everywhere looked grey and dull. The thought of feeling blue could be easily invoked if not for the colourful decorations about town in preparation for the Chinese New Year. Before leaving on our usual free coffee run to Paperchase, I decided to match the mood of the weather. Wearing one of my favourite jeans with colourful flower embroidery to make the blues come alive and my glittery grey jumper from Misspap I think I managed to brighten up the mood.

The same could always be said with life in general. When everything around seems dull and grey, you can make a conscious effort to find the things that warm you up. It could be the simple thought of a friend that makes you laugh or  eating pizza just because, lol. In my case, it’s the thought of the dreams I carry in my mind everyday. So, whatever the mood, be it gloom or bloom, it is whatever you alone make of it.

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