February 12, 2017

Sitting here this Sunday evening with a bottle of Malt in  hand and the after taste of Mr Kipling’s cake right after watching what I would call a feel good movie has got me feeling quite happy and content. Oh, and least I forget, can you believe that this is actually the eight post in my Black & White series? I actually love doing these as I find it quite therapeutic as it is more or less my diary for the week. And so I can definitely say my week has been great! Without further ado, I get right into it!

Work wasn’t too busy and so I wasn’t exhausted after getting home. This gave me the chance to rest and watch some photography tutorials which I love doing. I do try to take the view point of knowing nothing and this more or less opens my mind to new thoughts and ideas and continues to drive my quest for knowledge. I met up with Craig for lunch only a couple of times as we couldn’t seem to align our schedules. During one of my hour long lunch breaks, I popped into an old camera shop to learn more about shooting in film which was very interesting. It is something I’m considering as I came across a few photographers on Youtube who shoot in film and liked what I saw.

I collaborated with Misspap in another blog post which saw me bring out my inner MJ as I took to the streets of Manchester to serve some rock ‘n’ roll on what seemed to be a cold and sunny day. Right after the shoot, we decided to head for coffee and came across streets full of protesters who were standing up to Trump. It was interesting to see how Mancunians united together to make a statement. It didn’t surprise me as Manchester is known to be very diverse and accepting which are a couple of reasons why I love it here. I took the protest as a reminder to stand for the things we believe in. For me, it’s standing for my dreams and faith in knowing they’ll come true. And let the one who believes say “it shall be done unto me according to my faith”.

We did find a coffeeshop alright. There I changed outfits to shoot another Ad Campaign for Jack Wills. It was fun and exciting as the coffeeshop was cosy and empty which meant I could goof around, and goofing and grooving I did. For those curious to find out how I get to work with brands I’d suggest you grab a copy of my eBook as I do share quite a bit about how to go about it. I’m back on the vlogs and should be editing the latest one tomorrow as I must get some rest now.

Thanks for reading as always. I hope you all have a great week!

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