February 26, 2017

I’m happy to say that we’re on number ten of the series. I love doing these as the pictures tend to be easier to edit and all I have to do is a recap on the events of my week. That is, if I can remember because these days I tend to get my weeks mixed up due to a lot happening or nothing significant enough to remember happening.

As you all (those of you who follow my blog) know, this week saw myself and Craig catch the train to London town for fashion week. We got invited to attend the show at Oxford Fashion Studio which got us very excited. Especially Craig who decided to make us a matching t-shirts that said “I went to London Fashion Week and all I got was this lousy t-shirt”, which made for an awesome joke when he found himself in the hospital bed after the show. We had a great time seeing different designers across Europe showcase their latest collection. We got to meet other bloggers and the after party was our chance to network with some great talent. Sadly, we couldn’t make it as Craig suffered an allergic reaction after dinner. He has always told me about his allergy to sea food, and in the time we’ve been together I’ve never really seen him have a reaction which made me think he might have outgrown it. He didn’t have sea food for dinner but had something that contained some nuts. He does eat nuts all the time so we’re still uncertain what caused the allergy. There is a possibility the food might have been contaminated. Seeing him for the first time have the reaction made me feel a little guilty as I never really took it seriously, it was a case of seeing is believing for me, something I apologised for. Luckily for us, our hotel was only four minutes walk away from the hospital. It’s amazing how medicine works because half an hour after he was given treatment, everything was back to normal. The doctors were so kind and joked about his lousy t-shirt and insisted Craig has an allergy test done when we return to Manchester so he’s well prepared if he has another reaction.

After we got back from London, I took ill with food poisoning “(me thinks something was in the water in London, lol). The good news was that I was off work so that allowed me to recuperate. I went back into work on Wednesday but didn’t get a chance to lunch with Craig as our schedules didn’t align. I did find myself having to respond to quite a few emails some of which have brought about really exciting opportunities that’ll I’ll be sharing more about in coming weeks.

I caught up with my close friend who shared some amazing news that has got me grinning from ear to ear. You know when someone shares a positive story after facing so many stumbling blocks, and you find yourself excited to share that story with everyone around you so it gives them hope that miracles do happen? Well, this was me all week. I always want to be the bearer of good news. I know I did feel somewhat guilty for my “seeing is believing” attitude with regards to Craig’s food allergy, but in my mind I pictured him always healthy as that is what I want to see when I see him. The same goes when I think of my dreams. It’s not that I don’t face adversity, it’s just that I choose to see victory in the end. So yes, seeing is believing. That’s how I keep the dream alive. That’s how I see even greater victory.

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