My Week In Black and White: In Retrospect

February 6, 2017

This past week was somewhat  difficult for me as I encountered a couple of experiences which I could describe as trying. It had to do with past decisions I made at a place of growth. Regret is not the word I would use to describe my emotions but knowledge and content that I’m not the same person today as my growth continues to be part of my journey. In some ways I would say I was prepared to tackle it as I’ve been practicing controlling the thoughts I allow into my mind. The truth is that the woman I was when I made those decisions is not the same woman I am today so it’s unfair to punish the me of now with pitiful thoughts. As always, I dwelled in words of comfort from the good book which goes “faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God”. The more I said it, the more I described the woman “I AM”.

It was extra busy at work as I expected but again lunching with Craig makes the days a lot more exciting. I didn’t do much vlogging as I was tired out from work and late night editing during the week and wanted to take some time to relax this weekend. I do need to order some lights to shoot other chit chat videos on occasions when I’m not vlogging. If you have some video suggestions for me I would greatly appreciate it if you share them with me.

After work on Thursday I met up with my girl Samio and we went for a meal at Mowgli which seems to be our favourite spot to eat. They serve really nice Indian street food that are quite filling. We both got caught up in our usual talks (blogging, youtube etc) and forgot to vlog or even take pictures which is a first for us, lol. I only remembered to take a picture of her for this post when we were about to leave. I guess we must have really had a great time. I do love meeting up with her as I always feel more enlightened afterwards.

I and Craig have both been invited to attend London Fashion week and we couldn’t be more excited. We’ll be attending a show on the evening of the 18th in Devonshire Square and I’ll be adorned in pieces by Dutch designer Daisy Vorm which I’m looking forward to sharing on the blog. We plan on doing a couple of shoots around London as well and meeting up with my friend Simi which I’m also excited about as she’s a delight to be around.

All in all, my week wasn’t so bad after all.

Looking at my life in retrospect and what I’ve achieved so far, I wouldn’t change my story because it was written with me in mind. Learning to live with the decisions I’ve made and knowing I have the power to make new decisions is all it takes to move on. And in the absence of regret, retrospect then becomes even greater prospect.

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  • Great post Onyi. I really do love the way you write, so I’m glad to see you utilizing more of your creative skills here on your blog. It’s really looking great!

    Mowgli really has become our spot hasn’t it. We’ll have to try somewhere different next time…but then again, I’m a sucker for that tasty Indian street food! 😛

    Samio x