February 24, 2017

My second look for fashion week saw me stick to the same punk theme but this time as a rocker which is evident in my air guitar pose that I didn’t know I was doing until post production. It really does show how our appearance can subconsciously affect out behaviour. I did remember Craig asking what the hell I was doing with my arms during the shoot. He kept saying to me “what’s with this arm poses today?” Clearly, the rocker in me had an agenda.

Day two of fashion week was a lot more chilled as we had spent the previous night in hospital after Craig unfortunately had an allergic reaction. This meant that we missed out on the epic after party. The following morning was spent sleeping until mid noon when we finally checked out of our hotel. We roamed the streets of London to find some food, and much to our amazement many restaurants were closed. It took us nearly two hours of walking about to finally find a twenty four hour diner were we consumed the most tastiest English breakfast ever. Once we were done with our meal, we took to the streets of London and engaged other fashion hopefuls who indulged us in wonderful conversations and photography.

Again,  my outfit to blended in with the magnificent structures. Dressed in my glittery knit and skinny black jeans paired with my studded boots, you could almost say I stole the rocker street show.

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  • Thanks dear. It was really lovely to meet you.

  • Lippie 143

    Your outfits are always stunning and chic. Super fab 💕