Fashion’s Best Kept Secret

February 15, 2017

I’m looking forward to attending London Fashion Week this year. This will be my first ever Fashion Week which has got me feeling very excited to say the least. I’ll be wearing pieces by Dutch designer Daisy Vorm endowed with gold buttons and gems which would need to be treated with the utmost care.

Being the kind of girl who likes to get the most out of an outfit, taking care of my clothes is very important. When it comes to laundry, my preferred  method is to wash by hand. This is quite easy for me to do as I’ve had to wash all my clothes by hand from an early age growing up without the luxury of having a washing machine to do my dirty laundry, no pun intended, lol. Having tried out washing machines, I can honestly say I prefer the outcome of hand washed garments especially when it comes to delicate pieces. That’s the reason why I can throw on an outfit from four years ago and it’ll look just as good as new. Plus I find the process of washing by hand to be quite therapeutic.

Still on the subject of care and Fashion Week, I am happy to share with you a chance to win one London Fashion Week Festival ticket in collaboration with Verve. Verve is fashion’s best kept secret which is due to launch on 23rd February 2017.  Verve is “The Official Garment Care Supplier” of London Fashion Week and London Fashion Week Festival. Winning a ticket for London Fashion Week Festival allows you to be entertained by Verve with the Verve hub where you can buy the product and have fun in the photobooth. London fashion bloggers will also be in appearance taking street style pictures of stylish girls at the festival with a chance to be featured at the Verve hub.

To take part in the competition, sign up to the Verve site and share a post on Instagram tagging me @mossonyi with the hashtag #BeAVerveVIP. I look forward to seeing your posts and perhaps running into you at London Fashion Week. Let’s get this show on the road!

This post has been sponsored by Verve.

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