Old Layers and Coffee

January 13, 2017

Some days I wake up not knowing exactly what to wear and on days like these it could take mentally going through my closet while in the shower and thinking to myself I don’t have much time to actually try on everything till I find something that works as Craig is already dressed and ready to step out of the apartment for our usual weekend coffee/photoshoot in town.

On this occasion, I remembered this not so coffee coloured brown jumper that I purchased from New Look circa 2 years go. It was perfect to pair with my usual skinny black jeans and comfy boots. Then came the issue of additional layers once dressed. It didn’t take me long to remember Craig’s Primarni cardigan as he had worn it the day before and I remembered thinking he looked good in it. So I asked if I could borrow it and he obliged by assisting with rolling the arms up and folding the New Look jumper over it once I had it on. It was a genius way to pair it. The only thing left was a coat to shield from the strong wind and my not so coffee coloured Zara coat did the trick. Just like that, we were good to go. We headed to town and soon enough we found an outdoor sitting coffee shop good enough for old layers and lots of love.

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