January 29, 2017

Hope you’ve all had a great week and positive one at best. This week went by really fast for me. I couldn’t keep track of the days which I think was great as the weekend came sooner than I expected. You know what they say, time flies when you’re having fun, lol. It wan’t quite what I would describe as fun but one full of lessons learnt.

I started my week off re-reading a book I had read at least three times. Each time I read it, something different always jumps out at me. A new meaning becomes attached to it depending on my emotions and circumstances at the time. This time I was having difficulty with preparing some information at work and my head was somewhat all over the place. For some reason I remembered a sentence from the book which kept playing over and over again in my head. It was “whatever decision you come to, that is the right decision”. The book points out that there is no such thing as indecision. The very act of failing to decide means you have decided not to decide which is a decision in itself. It became obvious that I needed to make a clear cut decision which in this case was to start the piece of work from scratch. I stayed back working late for nearly 4 hours which paid off as I arrived at a solution that I could better substantiate. This actually made my day as I learnt that I have the power to not just decide, but decide what is right.

During the week, I and Craig met up for lunch. It was nice to have lunch together and chat about things other than work. Still on the subject matter of work, I spent some time attending a very important meeting that was key to the Church were I volunteer as Treasurer. I had a chance to meet a really lovely lady who was very inspiring to say the least. She was full of positivity and shared wonderful stories as to how we could better go after the things we want to achieve. I’m a sucker for inspiration so this was an exciting moment for me.

Mimi came round on Saturday with baby Kadima and her husband. I made some spaghetti bolognese and we ate all of it and had toast and a cuppa later on while watching Kubo and the Two Strings, a very inspiring movie. Kadima was little miss Kangaroo as she wouldn’t stop jumping which was very cute. My sister rang me from Nigeria in the middle of it all and delivered some great news regarding one of my close friends which was full of inspiration too. She said my friend had put one of my suggestions into action which was writing her goals down. This is something I always tell anyone who shares their dreams with me. It has been an effective way for me to achieve a lot of goals that I have set. Right now, I actually have a vision board hanging in my hallway with a lot of my goals. The way to go about it is to write down the things you want, set a deadline and put it in a place where you get to see it all the time so you’re reminded of that dream which in turn should drive your actions. It is something I’d recommend you do if you find that you’re struggling to achieve your set goals.

My new vlogging camera came in the post which meant the vlogs resumed. I managed to capture some of what I did this weekend which would be featured in next week’s black and white series. I did miss vlogging  but at the same time I also enjoyed the extra time I was getting not having to edit videos. However, I do believe I have figured out a shooting schedule for my blog which should allow me the opportunity to share more video content. Although things don’t always seem to turn out as planned as my late night at the office did see me work till past 2am trying to meet my weekly blog goal of 3 posts a week. Seeing that the dream is to take my blog full time, it’s only fair I continue to put in the effort regardless of unexpected events. If you read my blog you’ll know there’s always a phrase that comes to mind when I get so introspective. This time it’s one coined by our former Prime Minister, Churchill. “Press on… keep on keeping on.” And that I must do. Thanks for reading as always and see you next week.

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