January 15, 2017

This week has been an amazing week. I was busy as usual with my 9 to 5 job and staying on top of my blog posts. Although I did find myself struggling to stay up a couple of nights editing. I dozed off after returning home on Monday night from work for two hours before diving into some blog work which made me feel very refreshed and perhaps shown me a way to re-energise myself in the midst of work.

I started reading a new book about success which led me to come up with a special prayer I now say first thing in the morning when I wake and last thing at night before going to bed. The book suggests that love is one of the golden rules of life and if anything is done in love, it will succeed. My prayer is one full of love; love for my family and friends, love for my work and life. I can already see the wonders of this prayer unfold which is amazing.

If you watch my vlogs religiously then you might be familiar with my friend MimiShe’s one of my closest friends and we go way back. We met in boarding in Nigeria 21 years ago and we managed to stay in touch ever since. We both were trouble back then with Mimi being the social prefect and myself the house captain. We spent time bonding over hard labour like cutting grass with a cutlass after being lashed in front of the assembly for being “stubborn”. Those were some cool days, lol. It’s no wonder I relocated to Manchester from Birmingham to be closer to MimiThis week I and Craig got to spend time with her and her lovely family. We went to Banyan for some steak on my recommendation as it never falls short of divine. We chatted about everything and anything like we do every other day over the phone. It was nice to spend some time with my goddaughter Kadima and Craig enjoyed playing kangaroo with her which was cute to watch.

Still on the topic of family, Mama bear (Craigs mum) was around from Netherlands. She stopped by on Saturday and we chatted for ages having not seen her since the wedding which was over 3 years ago. We chilled on the sofa with hot drinks and some pizza. She showed us loads of pictures of the beautiful countryside where she lives and her dogs. She also shared an awkward moment when one of her friends asked who the hot guy who commented on one of her Facebook picture was and she responded saying “that’s my son and he’s married”, lol. We’re looking forward to visiting her this year as we plan on doing a lot of traveling in 2017. She did say she once found herself in Germany when she lost track of time walking her dogs one day. A journey which took 4 hours. I think that’s pretty cool. I and Craig plan on doing that walk when we get there. Until then we’ll keep walking the streets of Manchester and sharing tales of our week.

Thanks for reading as always. Do let me know how your week is going.

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