January 22, 2017

Welcome back to another week in black and white. Before I get right into it, I want to say thank you for taking out time to read my blog. Whoever you are and wherever you may be reading from, I wish you well and hope your heart’s desires come true.

This week was super busy. I bet I’ve started this series by always saying how busy my week was, lol. But truth be told, it was indeed very busy. Craig started his new job which happens to be very close to where I work so we decided to make dates out of it by meeting up for lunch and a chat. It was absolutely great. And depending of when we both finished work, we sometimes strolled home together which made for great company on sometimes what seems to be a very long cold walk.

We collaborated with a lovely Italian restaurant and ate to our heart’s content. We indulged in homemade pasta, garlic bread, pizza, green olives, bruschetta and some amazing deserts. We tried to sneak in some hot drinks but gave up in the end as all the portions were massive and we were stuffed and pretty much found it difficult to walk out the door after eating so much. It took us 2 hours to consume all of that, lol. We did have a wonderful time as the meal inspired us to book a long weekend away to Venice where we hope to eat more classic Italian food. Afterwards, we shot an AD campaign for a huge retail brand for the launch of their new gym wear which was quite fun to do.

We really hope to do more traveling this year so we’ve been spending quite some time looking out for some travel deals and planning travel blog ideas. One of the places we’ve already secured is Mykonos, Greece. I came across a cute little wooden box painted light blue in Home Sense and had to have it as I could already picture myself with it on our many trips which got me very excited. Me thinks all I need now is a straw hat and I might just be ready for our first sunny trip to Nigeria.

For the most part I spent time working on my mind which took me back to New York; a trip that triggered my spiritual journey. “Know thyself” is all that keeps coming to mind. When you get to really know who you are and love who you are, nothing and no one can intimidate you. It’s amazing how much I’ve discovered about myself and the power that resides within my mind. It is a place full of love, a place full of dreams and knowledge that I have the power to be unapologetically me. I’m putting more thought into the things I allow in my mind and love, is the consistent factor of all.

Cheers to finding love again!

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  • Thanks so much for all your support dear. I do enjoy learning photography and still assume I no nothing about it that way I can keep on acquiring knowledge.

    I’m really looking forward to visiting Naija. Wish I could visit Lagos too but I’ll plan it for the future.

    Hope you’ve had a great week x

  • Sky

    You inspire me so much and these photos are genius. it is incredible how much you’ve perfected photography having done it for such a short amount of time and being self-taught too!
    This your weekly recaps are a great idea and so fun to read.
    Can’t wait to see all your content from the Greece trip. It’s a bummer that you’ll be going to only Abuja and not Lagos this time.. Why naaa??? *wails*

    Sky Not Fancy

  • Girl! All I dream about is Mykonos all day, every day 😂😂😂. Your Lisbon post has really got me excited to travel💃🏾 💃🏾💃🏾

  • I’m excited to see all the content you create on your travels! Mykonos will be perfect for capturing amazing beach shots, I can’t wait to see those! And I’m loving these shots Onyi, they are truly stunning. 😍

    Samio xx